Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Love My Name Tag!!


Finally, I get to write home!! The MTC is great. The minute you walk in it just feels so good and you forget all the worries you had before.

After getting dropped off at the curb, two Elders helped me with my bags and then a Sister came and grabbed me to show me around and get my key and stuff. I was looking for my friend, Kelsie Wadsworth, to see if she would be an escort that day and I was a little sad that I didn't see her but the Sister that grabbed me was super nice. THEN just as we were going inside, I looked ahead of us and saw Kelsie!! I screamed her name and she stopped and her new missionary and my host agreed to switch and so Hermana Wadsworth showed me around the building and to my room (which was right next door to hers!!) and to get my nametag and finally get me to my classroom. I was so glad to see a friend there and it definitely helped make me feel better. God was definitely looking out for me :)

My companion's name is Sister Villatoro. She is 24 and she is from Maryland. After a few bumpy attempts at lessons we are finally getting used to each other and things are going great. We still have a lot to learn from each other but it feels really good. The other Sisters in our district are Sisters Johnson and Young and they are hilarious. If someone says something like, "Ah my camera isn't working, this sucks." She says back in this super sweet voice, "Oh. You wanna talk about it?" Maybe my sense of humor is a little distorted from the MTC but I think it's really funny. Sister Johnson is 6'1" and we call her Big Kid. They are all really great girls to be around.
The rest of our district is way fun also. We are all either going to Tacoma or Rapids City, South Dakota. Kinda makes me glad I'm going to Tacoma haha. All of the sisters are going to Tacoma except Sister Young, which will make it hard to say goodbye to her when we leave the MTC.

We get up every morning at 6:30 (or 6 for a fitness class just for the Sisters. Yes, I tried it and I'm not sure if I'll do it again, but because of the holiday the schedule is messed up anyways.) We pan, eat breakfast, study, go to class, teach people, study more, eat some more, and try not to fall asleep. By the time 10:30 comes around, I can't wait to just collapse on my bed. It's exhausting being here. But, it's so great. I have learned so much in the last few days and I really am starting to understand what returned missionaries mean when they say you learn things on your mission that would have taken years otherwise.

Currently our district is trying to pick a scripture that will be like our "theme." My favorite is 3 Nephi 5:13. I don't have my scriptures on me so I can't quote it but it's really awesome and straightforward. Another thing I've realized is that the gospel is so simple. I wish people could understand that more. It's so simple and brings so much joy and happiness. I am so glad that I have the chance to go share this message with people. I am so lucky!!!

I've seen a bunch of my friends here and that's always nice. I finally saw Elder Wright and I wanted to give him a big hug, but I had to settle for a nice, firm handshake.

That's about all I have for now, but things are going really well. There is much that happens here that is different, but I only have a few weeks here so I'm trying to take advantage of the time I have.

I love you all and I miss you!! Doubt not, fear not :)

Sister Chronister

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