Monday, January 28, 2013

Peter Pan

Think Happy thoughts.


I'm going to the Happy Valley ward in Sequim, WA.
(Pronounced 'squim')
(I have to clarify that all too often. Crazy Washington names.)

I am also going to be a mother.
Doubled-in baby mama.

I can't tell you how relieved I am.
As usual when the call came my stomach did a backflip.
Then when I heard where I was going it came back to me.
Relief flooded through me.
The light is at the end of the tunnel.
It's clearer now than it ever has been.
The night is always darkest just before the dawn.
Thanks Batman.

This last week has been a blur.
Don't even really know what we did, to be honost.
I got to babysit some greenies the other day while their comps went to the temple.
Preview of my life for the next 4 1/2 months.

This has been the most interesting 3 transfers of my mission.
The conclusion is the best part.
I came here to find God.
In order to find Him I had to ask where He was.
Joseph asked the same thing in Liberty Jail.
Kind of an ironic name for a jail if you ask me.
In the movie Prophet of the Restoration, Joseph is shown sitting in jail, suffering, wanting to know where God is and where is the pavilion that is covering His hiding place.
The next scene is a sunrise.
"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment."
It didn't immediately solve all of his problems. 
It didn't even all come at once.
The sun came up, little by little like it always does.
Slowly the warmth and light come.
We panic when things don't happen in our time.
Hyrum asks Joseph how they are supposed to keep going.
"We trust Him."

Trust God.
He will not and cannot lead you wrong.
He might teach us and chasten us, ask us to do things we don't want to do, and call us to endure hard things.
But we can be assured that whatever the challenge is, there is a promise.
We will not be given anything we can't handle.
God is always with us.
Even unto the end.

God bless.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I hope you know how real the opposition is.
And how much more real God is.
I knew coming on a mission would be hard.
I didn't know that I would be asked to go through this.
It's crazy how far the world has gone.
There is darkness everywhere.
At times it even seems like it might win.
That's a scary thought.
But we have to remember it doesn't solely rely on us.
There is someone greater.
Light will always overpower the darkness.
Even a match can't be snuffed out in the darkest of rooms.
In the world we will have tribulation.
But be of good cheer.
HE has overcome the world.
HE is our foundation.
HE has our back.
HE has already won.
The only fight that's left is the one for each individual soul.
It's up to you.
You can't control anyone else.
Just control you.
Do what you can.
Be who you need to be.
Don't give in.
None of us are perfect but we can still try.
That's the point.
Love is the answer.
It's the light.
It's what will win and what will save us.
A little 9 year-old girl asked me yesterday what the Savior means.
I can't wait for to her to not just know from what I told her, but to find out through experience.
There is nothing like actually going through something.
People can share their experiences, their wisdom, their knowledge, their advice.
The key word is "their."
It's theirs.
Not yours.
Make it yours.
The Atonement is not personal until it becomes personal.
That which is to give light must endure burning.
You have been chosen for this.
It's not impossible.
But it's not easy.
There will come a time when everything you learn will be put to the test.
That's when it goes from faith to knowledge.
God is real.
Christ is real.
The Atonement is real.
I think I am beginning to understand.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rolling in the deep

And by deep, I mean a puddle, and by rolling I mean skimming the top. But, things are going really good here.

The twin girls Aiysha and Ameerah are amazing. We met them last Tuesday for the first time and I am having a hard time finding the words to describe what it was like teaching them. GOLDEN. I have said this before, but it seems like every time I say it someone comes along to beat the last one, but I have never met two girls who are more prepared for baptism. We asked them why they want to get baptized and they said because they want the Holy Ghost with them every day. I think most people that want to be baptized have their own reasons, but each one is unique and perfect. There isn't just one blessing for baptism, there are infinite blessings, because baptism offers us access to the infinite Atonement. I digress. The girls are going to be baptized next weekend! We are so excited for them. They came to church yesterday and met the bishop and loved Primary and already know a few of the kids from school. They absolutely love missionaries and the gospel. When they came into sacrament meeting they both decided that they wanted to sit next to me. I forgot how much little kids need to move in an hour. It was fun though. I gave them some pamphlets with pictures to read and they spent the rest of the meeting showing me all the words they knew and telling me that church is long haha. I love them though. 

Yesterday we had our missionary musical fireside in Tacoma. I had an interesting thought. Sister Weaver talked about Peter walking on the water and how he started doubting and probably wanted to go back to the boat. I put myself in that situation and realized I don't want to go back to the boat. I'm walking on water. I can't ever go back to who and what I was before. I have been changed here. Christ has changed me. The only way I can go back to the world, the boat, is with Christ right next to me, letting me know I can still walk on water and that miracles still happen. I love my Savior. I feel like I don't talk about Him enough, even though that's what I do every day haha. My emails home mostly consist of cool stories and funny things, but I feel like all I want to do is cry repentance and praise Jesus (no, I have not turned into a Pentacostal preacher, just a joyous missionary). This is the best life. This is the best work. I glory in my Jesus. Without Him I am nothing. With Him I can do all things. He doesn't make up the difference, He is the difference. I know my Redeemer lives. God bless. Have a great week.