Monday, January 7, 2013

Rolling in the deep

And by deep, I mean a puddle, and by rolling I mean skimming the top. But, things are going really good here.

The twin girls Aiysha and Ameerah are amazing. We met them last Tuesday for the first time and I am having a hard time finding the words to describe what it was like teaching them. GOLDEN. I have said this before, but it seems like every time I say it someone comes along to beat the last one, but I have never met two girls who are more prepared for baptism. We asked them why they want to get baptized and they said because they want the Holy Ghost with them every day. I think most people that want to be baptized have their own reasons, but each one is unique and perfect. There isn't just one blessing for baptism, there are infinite blessings, because baptism offers us access to the infinite Atonement. I digress. The girls are going to be baptized next weekend! We are so excited for them. They came to church yesterday and met the bishop and loved Primary and already know a few of the kids from school. They absolutely love missionaries and the gospel. When they came into sacrament meeting they both decided that they wanted to sit next to me. I forgot how much little kids need to move in an hour. It was fun though. I gave them some pamphlets with pictures to read and they spent the rest of the meeting showing me all the words they knew and telling me that church is long haha. I love them though. 

Yesterday we had our missionary musical fireside in Tacoma. I had an interesting thought. Sister Weaver talked about Peter walking on the water and how he started doubting and probably wanted to go back to the boat. I put myself in that situation and realized I don't want to go back to the boat. I'm walking on water. I can't ever go back to who and what I was before. I have been changed here. Christ has changed me. The only way I can go back to the world, the boat, is with Christ right next to me, letting me know I can still walk on water and that miracles still happen. I love my Savior. I feel like I don't talk about Him enough, even though that's what I do every day haha. My emails home mostly consist of cool stories and funny things, but I feel like all I want to do is cry repentance and praise Jesus (no, I have not turned into a Pentacostal preacher, just a joyous missionary). This is the best life. This is the best work. I glory in my Jesus. Without Him I am nothing. With Him I can do all things. He doesn't make up the difference, He is the difference. I know my Redeemer lives. God bless. Have a great week.


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