Monday, December 31, 2012


The last 2 weeks here in Skyline have been the biggest trial of my endurance of my whole mission.
I thought the last 2 transfers were just hard and that things would pick up because we were working and being diligent, but there are always things to improve on, so I spent 3 months thinking of new door approaches,
challenging myself to talk to EVERYONE,
not miss a single minute of a single 5 to 7,
study hard,
work hard,
be what I need to be.
And these last 2 weeks with a new companion with a fresh take on the area has really opened my eyes to it.
This area is bitter, slow, unreceptive, and angry.
One of the first days we were out tracting together my companion said she had never been in an area where so many people are so unreceptive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash the area or the people here, it's just a comment on the general attitude of the people here. No one wants anything to do with missionaries or the gospel. It's heartbreaking, actually.
I have been reading possibly one of the greatest books ever written the last month or so.
The Infinite Atonement.
Never have I ever had, nor could I have hoped to have, such a deep and profound understanding of and appreciation for the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life.
It was the most pure act of love that was ever performed
It exalts, sanctifies, redeems, purifies, and perfects us.
It is all based on mercy.
In the law of the economy of heaven, justice is absolutely fair, mercy is not. And thank God it isn't because it is MERCY that allows us to change and to become more, to rise above what we once were.
If we get everything that we deserve, we don't get anything, because none of us are perfectly obedient and God doesn't owe us anything.
But, in the economy of heaven, mercy outweighs justice and comes into effect to make us whole, to not just make the difference, but BE the difference for us.
That is when blessings flow.
Friday night we had a beautiful baptism.
Ayana was in town for exactly 1 week and she knew she wanted to be baptized. Less than 12 hours after she landed we were on her mom's couch teaching her the first lesson. Over the next 2 days we battled to get the green light for her to baptized-and confirmed-the following week. When someone is prepared to be baptized and wants it bad enough, nothing can stop it. God will make the path clear. As soon as she came up out of the water she had a beautiful big smile on her face. She told us the next day, the day she left, that when she was under the water she felt the Holy Ghost there with her. Children amaze me. The Savior's counsel has never been clearer: Become as little children.
The next morning changed everything for Sister Lee and I.
Personal study was one of the most profoundly spiritual moments I have had on my mission.
We both felt an extreme measure of peace from Heavenly Father.
His council was to simply go and work.
Whatever we do, He doesn't really care.
He just wants us to be diligent.
That was the most incredible feeling I have ever had.
Sunday, that feeling wasn't there as strongly.
I remembered that my comp suggested we fast, so I decided that's what I needed to do.
I pleaded for that feeling to stay with me.
I had to work for it, but for the most part it was there.
There were some great, little miracle that happened at church. Things just ran smoothly, people were happy and excited to be there. We got free fresh eggs. So I thought, eh, maybe I'll just go home and eat lunch. My comp isn't fasting (actually, she doesn't eve know that I am fasting) and I could just end it early. What's the point anyways? Good thing I decided to pray about it first.
Sitting at the table, I bowed my head.
As soon as I began praying, I didn't even have to ask my question.
"Do not end your fast. There is still more that can happen today."
I did not end my fast.
I was exhausted, it was freezing, but we went and worked anyways.
No one answered.
When they did they didn't talk for more than 30 seconds.
Dinner was at 5.
I was watching the clock, waiting until I could thaw out.
4:40pm. Soundview Sisters call, my good friend Welch.
"Chronister, have you been working hard today?"
"Have you been working hard this transfer?"
"Have you been working hard for the last few months?"
"What does God when you work hard?"
"He blesses you."
"He blesses you. Chronister, there is a miracle that is about to happen in your ward."
She proceeded to tell us about two 9 year-old girls that wanted to be baptized.
Their only hold-up was their dad, who wouldn't let them.
His Christmas present to them: He would allow them to be baptized.
They live in the Skyline ward.
I cannot describe to you the feeling I had following that conversation.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
Yeah, that intense.
I had the very distinct impression that this was a result of my efforts and desires.
We dropped by the house really quick to grab something.
While my comp was in the bathroom I dropped to my knees and all I could say was,
"Thank you."
God is real.
He works in our lives.
He works by our faith.
He works through miracles.
The work of God cannot be stopped.
He blesses those who follow Him and love Him.
Thank God for mercy.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas, T-town

Holidays in Tacoma are the best. As is anything that happens in Washington. The best. 

Skyping with the fam was legit. It was fun to see everyone at once, and it felt like it sped up the process to me. It was easier to tell what was going on when I could see their faces in addition to their voices. 

Christmas Eve we hung out with missionaries, since it was a P day, and went a little shopping crazy. Everywhere we went there was a great deal on something that I didn't really need, but really wanted. So I had to buy it. Merry Christmas, to me. Or, as they say across the pond, Happy Christmas, Harry. Christmas morning involved about 30 missionaries and a giant pancake breakfast (the pancakes were giant, not the breakfast), an awkward little run-in with some Samoans that didn't like sharing the church kitchen, and footie pajamas. Who could pass up that opportunity? Not me. 

It was a slower week last week. Ironically, most people are so busy celebrating Christmas that they don't have time to hear a message about the Man whose birth they are celebrating. It's not just about His birth. He lived the greatest life, gave us the greatest sacrifice, and lives today to guide and bless us. At our mission Christmas party a few weeks ago we watched a video of the Savior's life to "O, Holy Night." It occurred to me that the night He was born was an incredible, holy night, but there was a greater one. The night of the Atonement of Jesus Christ was the Holy Night. Where He put it all on the line, gave His all for us, so that we could find peace, love, joy, and LIFE.

Make the most of the gift that has already been given. Love you all.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Babylon we bid thee farewell!!!

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my mission. Because of Christmas being next Tuesday the missionaries all have to fly out today (Tuesday) and in order to make sure we had enough time for transfer meeting before they had to go to the airport, we had it yesterday afternoon. There is nothing quite like watching three of your companions stand and bear their final testimonies and singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" to them. Baylon, Eichenmiller, Robinson. Dead.

I think one of the most important and cherished parts of a mission is the relationships that you gain. I love the people that I have met here. They have changed my life. The hardest thing is to watch them leave. You know they'll be fine and their family is excited to see them and all that jazz but things will never be quite the same. As a missionary we have a unique little club we're all in. You understand each other because you're all in it. In it to win it. So it's hard when it's time for them to leave the club and go back to the world. You cry a lot. And your friends laugh at you and take pictures cause it never happens. So now that moment is saved forever on someone's memory card. Awesome.

My new companion is Sister Lee. She is my sister. Meaning, she was also trained my Balmforth. This is also the last transfer of her mission. Meaning I get to kill her. President is really making these family trees weird and uncomfortable (who wants to kill their only sister? Jeeez).

This morning we woke up to a fresh layer of, you guessed it, SNOW. Snow on the ground. In Tacoma. What the heck. I also woke up to being sad. Watching your friends leave sucks (see above paragraphs). Thank goodness for divine intervention in personal study. I asked for help from God today. Not in the way where you pray for patience so He gives you opportunities to be patient, but in the way that I just needed to hear some things today but I didn't know how to ask so I just asked for help. What do you know, everything that I was studying that day, exactly where I had left off from the day before, was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Endurance is a difficult thing. But it goes fast. I love this work. I love feeling the Spirit and learning and understanding and growing in the gospel. Christmas is next week. Don't forget why we celebrate it. Christ is the reason. Joy is the reward. Love you all.

Sister Chronister

PS.  At zone meeting last week I was called on to share my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Oddly enough I had been thinking that morning about the gospel and how much it really can change people. It is all over the Book of Mormon. It is all over the details of our lives. I love the gospel. It is so simple and it works. And it is all because of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. 3 Nephi 27:13. It all centers around the Atonement. Now we must go do our part.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Does anyone know what the song bring a torch jeanette isabella is about?

Cause I don't, and I can't ever understand the words enough to figure it out. Why do they need a torch? Why do Jeanette and Isabella have to go get it? I'm just going to stick with The Little Drummer Boy. That's my current favorite Christmas song. Overall winner will always be O Holy Night but drums and boys who drum them for Jesus are good too.
Last week for our wonderful P day activity we went to Zoo Lights!! Thanks to daylight savings it gets dark around 4:30, so we got to go at 5 and be done by 6 to go about the rest of our day. It was AWESOME. Christmas lights, animals, friends, crazy pictures. Life is good. And there was basically no one there so we got to take our time and see the animals (especially the fishes in the tanks and the new baby tigers) up close. Best activity ever.
Our mission Christmas party is tomorrow. Be prepared for some pics with ugly sweaters, vests, turtlenecks, and the sort. It's going to be a great time. And much better than last year, cause last year I didn't know anyone and had only been in Washington a week. I was hating life. But it all turned out ok, I'm still here and I'm looking forward to it. Yayyyyy.
We went caroling as a zone last night. Good times. Actually, I got there late cause I went to a baptism in Steilacoom for a guy named Spencer that we started kinda teaching right when I left. It was really cool. He is a very intellectual person, grew up as a preacher's son, and had so many questions about the Bible and life and God. He took a huge leap of faith and knew he needed to be baptized and did it. There were 4 missionaries there who helped teach him and we all got to sing "The Spirit of God" right before he was baptized (with yours truly holding strong as the only one on the alto part......ehhhhh) and it was pretty cool to get up and see everyone's faces when they realized we were back haha. Then, another surprise, I got to bear my testimony while they were waiting for Spencer to finish getting ready after he was baptized.
We have some really cool people we are working with. Juliana is from Romania and knew as soon as we gave her the Book of Mormon that it was true. When we taught her the Restoration she was literally hanging on ever word:
"Joseph Smith also wanted to know which church was right..."
"Yes. What happened??"
"He read in the Bible about asking God."
"Ok, then what??"
It was the most exciting Resto lesson I have ever given.
Alexandria is another one. She's never been baptized but knows she needs to do it and she wants to know what church is right. Good thing we gave her a book that helps her know exactly what to do about that.
Taylor is very smart and intellectual, and talking to him helped me understand more about how God answers our prayers. We asked him if he had ever prayed and he said he had but felt like he never got answers. I told him that God doesn't always answer us with words or visions but sometimes with feelings or through other people. When we pray, God doesn't just give us the answers, but rather the opportunity to see the answer. We learn better that way. He said that was deep. I agree. Thank you, Spirit.
I love Christmas and the spirit of it. It's all about Christ. I've been sharing a little message with members lately about Luke 2 when the angels come bearing good tidings fo great joy. Those angels were rejoicing over the birth of the Savior of the world, but they were not the only one's who ever had the opportunity to share that news. Today we have the privilege of sharing our testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ and the even better tidings of greater joy that He came to the earth as a mortal and healed, taught, loved, suffered, and died. But it doesn't end there. The best part is that He was resurrected and lives today. He lives! That is the greatest joy that we can have, is to know that and live like we know it.
Love you all,

Monday, December 3, 2012

Does the illness ever end? Or overlap?

Enough with being sick. Robinson and I kept trading off days so we could never actually go out and get things done. Lameeee. So this week was yet again slow. But good things happened.
So the Tacoma Stake does a Festival of the Nativities every year and it was awesome!! We got to preview it on Friday afternoon as part of our sisters training. It was amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of nativities and pictures of Christ. My favorite was one room that was all about the life of Christ and as soon as you walk in there is a well, representing the well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life. It was amazing to see. Saturday night they had a big giant MESSIAH SING ALONG. Oh my goodness. I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. They cut out about half of it so it wasn't so long, but we had fun making fools of ourselves and trying to sing "amen" over and over and over again and losing our place over and over and over again. I felt very cultured though. AND, oh blessed day, about half of the Steilacoom ward was there so I got to see so many people that I love from there. Made my whole weekend. But it did disrupt our church schedule. We had to go to a different building at a different time. That's a nightmare for bringing investigators to church......grrrrrrrrrrrrrhuighuiodfg.
The Garcia family finally got a hold of us again and they came to church!! It was hectic, they got there late and had to leave early cause the 2 year old wet his pants, but they loved it! And they are getting married in February and hopefully baptized then as well, haha.
Juliana is Romanian and wants to get baptized. Yayyyyasodgbj.
Jesus Christ lives.
What else do you need?
Have a great week. Love ya.

Monday, November 26, 2012


What a week. Let me give you a play by play, starting with Thanksgiving day.

6:00 am we're at the Tacoma Narrows bridge, ready for our zone Turkey Trot. 1 mile each way, it was pretty freezing, but we needed to pre-work off all the food we were going to eat that day. 8:00 am Turkey Bowl with one of the wards, except this was wayyyy more intense than we were expecting, so the sisters mostly ended up in a huddle all trying to get warm with one blanket. 12:00 pm the madness begins, Dinner 1. Not bad, tons of food, but we weren't expected to eat a ton, which was nice. 2:00 pm, Dinner 2. Definitely the best one. I went all out on this one, even getting seconds on some things. Totally worth it. 3:00, Dinner 3. I barely made it through. At one point my stomach started going crazy and making noises (which it does frequently anyways) but that was awkward haaaaa. I thought I was going to explode. Then at 5:00 we had a dessert appointment and by the time we were finished I never wanted to see food ever again. And if I ever see a turkey again..........I'm going to let him run away. By the time we made it to the mission home at 7:00 I was done. I just sat on the floor and watched everyone play games and tried not to throw up everywhere. I think I ate a lot of lactose-filled foods between potatoes and pies and it did a number on me. Crazy that last Thanksgiving I was in the MTC. How different those two holidays were and how different I was. I can't believe how fast that went.

Friday was a ridiculously slow day, so we just won't really talk about it.

Saturday. Oh Saturday, didn't go at all like I thought it would. One of my favorite families from Steilacoom, the Agor's (Mike and Wilma and two of their kids, Kalei and Hoku) were going to the temple to be sealed. I didn't baptize them, so I didn't think that I would be able to go, but the missionary who did baptize them is in my zone so President Weaver agreed to let me go on an exchange with her so that I could go to their sealing. It was so amazing. I went to a sealing last month for someone that my companion saw baptized, but it was so much more powerful when it was people that I know and love. I felt so much peace and love there. Driving through Steilacoom was like going home. I was so grateful that I got to go. The day took a twist though when we called our companions to let them know we were on our way back to find out that they were both sick and in bed at our house! We stopped and got them Gatorade, then went to an appointment they had in their area. They weren't home, so we headed back and my temporary comp started to not feel so good. We had to pull over at one point cause she thought she was going to hurl everywhere (pause: we got a new car this week! Brand-new Chevy Cruze that had 19 miles on it when we picked it up-there was no way I was going to let her puke all over that brand-new car haha) but she held it in until we got back to our house. By then my companion was fine but the other two weren't, so they laid in our beds while we went to a dinner appointment where we played a rigorous game of "Armor of God" and then hurried back to take care of our sick ones. They stayed there until they could get enough energy to get into the cars, and Robinson and I drove them home. Once we got there, the wave of sick hit me, and Robinson had to drive home fast so I could promptly plop down on my bed and pass out for the night-skirt still on (that's how you know it was bad).

Sunday morning, meetings at 7:00 am. Love it........can't wait for the time change at the new year. I was exhausted. But we had to keep it up cause we were singing in sacrament meeting. Shaky, would be the best way to describe that performance. Literally. I was shaking in my boots. I barely made it through church and then I had to go home and sleep. I made it to a dinner with a member, but afterward I just curled up in a little ball in the front seat and couldn't move. Needless to say we were out for the night. So, not the most productive week of my life, but that is what Advil, saltine crackers, and repentance are for.

The highlight was definitely the temple. It was amazing to see those people that I love so much dressed in white and sealed together as a family for time and all eternity. There is nothing better than that, and to be with so many people who understood how important that moment was. The missionary who found them, who is home now, the missionary that baptized them, and the missionary who helped finish preparing them all got to go and see. I was blinking back tears, that's for sure.

I hope your Thanksgiving was nowhere near as close to filling as mine was, but I hope that you enjoyed it and your turkey nonetheless. Have a great week. Write me a letter. Love you.

Sister Chronister

Monday, November 19, 2012

P Day Surprises

We woke up this morning to a lovely surprise in our bedroom....WATER!!!! It was pouring all night and we live in a basement so all of the water is leaking through the house into our room. Cold Washington rain water. Nothing better. Actually, pretty much anything is better than that. So we'll see how it pans out with the heavy showers this whole week.
Pretty cool week. I hit my year mark. That was weird. I can't believe it's been that long. I only have so much time left........ahakdfhasfjhagjkaghaweuioghghiqeugvagh. It's hard to email today. My brain is all over the place. Sounds about right....
We had a baptism on Saturday!! Little Jalynn Garcia who is 9. She was so excited. They had to do it again though cause her hair didn't go all the way under so I had to go and tie her hair back for her. Poor little girl is so skinny she was shivering while I was helping her even though the font water was warm.
We found a way legit lady name Tanisha who wants to come to church and kept saying that it was interesting that we knocked on her door that day cause she was just thinking about church. As we kept talking she got emotional and said she knew it wasn't a coincidence that we knocked on her door. Agreed.
Sunday morning we got a call from this guy Donald that we had met the day before who said he was thinking about becoming a Mormon. He was trying to find the church and needed a ride so we got some men to go pick him up. Interesting guy. He told me he's addicted to a lot of different things right now, his life is a mess, and he doesn't really know why he came to church, but he did. In the middle of sacrament meeting he jumped backward over the pew and ran out the door. We thought he was done, just decided to leave. Nope. Later he comes walking down the hall, he'd been talking to his friend who was a member and said that his friend told him to ask for a blessing. The elders were right there so we went in a room, explained what blessings are for, and they gave him one. Then he left again. Then he came back and said his friend told him to go to priesthood, so we walked him into priesthood. Come to find out, his friend is in the YSA ward, which is covered by the elders that gave him the blessing at the church. So we promptly turned him over to them and now it's a fun story in my journal and a cool referral for them. I hope Donald figures everything out. I'll definitely be going to his baptism if he does.
This week is Thanksgiving. As opposed to the general consensus, instead of Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. It's all about good food, family time, and gratitude. Also, I love pumpkin pie.
I am grateful for Jesus Christ.
I am grateful to be a missionary.
I am grateful for Christmas lights (they make tracting more fun).
I am grateful for the Book of Mormon.
I am grateful for a good family that loves me.
I am grateful to be alive.
I am grateful for a car.
I am grateful for my life.
Best way to say thanks? Go out and share what you know. Share the things that make you so happy. That's all God asks us to do. Go out and live the things you have received from Him.
Do any of you still read these emails? If you don't you should, and if you do you should write me a letter. I would be very grateful.
4007-D Bridgeport Way W.
University Place, WA 98466
Love you.
Sister Chronister

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh to be green again!

Last week we had the opportunity to take the newest sister in our mission out tracting for her first time. It was legit. I have never been more excited to go knocking on doors in my life. I was stressing about where to take her, making sure she had a good experience, maybe throwing in a few jokes/pranks just to keep things fresh (as if everything wasn't "fresh" to her to begin with....) and it was AWESOME. Haha I tried to get her to take the first door, just to see if she would. She didn't. But she did take the second one and when we got bashed by someone she held her own and was bearing testimony and handing out the Book of Mormon like it was candy. Oh wait, it is candy, of the spiritual variety. Then we took her to a "former's" house (aka a member who knew we had her for the night) and she very realistically chewed us out and slammed the door in our faces before inviting us in and feeding us treats. I just wanted to make sure she had a good experience..... Anyways, I want to be green again. That's the best time to be a missionary. You don't know any different so you just go out and do the work and trust in God because you don't know what else to do. It's great.
We are getting ready this week to have our first baptism here! Jalynn is getting baptized on Saturday. We are so excited. I've never seen a young girl (she's 9) so ready and so prepared. She is soaking everything in like SpongeBob and the best part is seeing her mom's reaction to all of the things that she learns. Yesterday we were teaching her the commandments and we asked her how her scripture reading was going. We had given her a Book of Mormon Stories book to read from every day. She proceeded to give us a detailed account of Nephi, Sam, Laman, and Lemuel going to get the plates from Laban and how Laman and Lemuel were scared to go back but Nephi went back anyways. Never, ever underestimate children. They know so much more than we think they do and I hope to be able to become like them. After all, that's what we're told we need to become like in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
I accomplished something big this week: I finished reading Jesus the Christ. All 793 pages. I. Love. Jesus. Christ. Reading about Him and coming closer to Him makes me want to shout from the rooftops about the great plan He has for us--it's free and it makes us free. I want to be a missionary forever. Watching a bunch of missionaries I know and love either go home or get ready to go home, I realize that I don't want to face that. I just want to stay here forever and share the gospel with random strangers and represent the Redeemer of us all. It's a really good anti-trunky medication to have your friends go home.
Don't fear. That's going to be our theme this week. Fear is the opposite of faith, so just go out and trust that God will protect you and back you up. He already promised that He would, so just go and do. Love you all.
Sister Chronister

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


For six weeks Sister Robinson and I have been working our buns off, doing everything we can to make things happen. I have a callous on my right, middle finger knuckle from knocking doors. My knees have bruises from the amount of time I have spent pleading to be led to those who are prepared. My brain is almost mush from gears constantly turning, trying to think of where people are, how to best cross their paths, what to say to grab their attention and help them feel the Spirit. Friday morning I had a fiery fury in me. As we were out knocking doors at 11:00 in the morning I had the strongest desire I have ever had to go out and shout from the rooftops that the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. There is no more need to sit and wait in darkness. There is hope. There is Light. Why do you think I come and knock on your doors over and over again? For fun? Because I have nothing better to do? You have no life so I might as well see what you're up to? To be annoying? Maybe, just maybe, what I have to share will make you happier than you can ever imagine and will change your life. That is what I am trying to share with you. Would please sit down and listen?
Sunday morning we arrived at church, hopeful that our investigators would come. Tracy was supposed to come to a baptism Saturday night, but didn't show. Didn't answer our phone calls. Didn't open the door to our incessant knocking. Didn't come to church. It's hard to progress when you don't do anything. So we're looking around, and most of our people are there.
Makayla finally made it again. Her mom won't sign her baptism record, so she has to wait til March to be baptized, but she will drop her off at church. okkkk....
The Julian's are there, looking all trendy and with it.
Jaylyn, our new investigator who is the 9 year old daughter of a fairly recent convert in the ward, was sitting with her mom. She is getting baptized on November 16th. (Tangent: I love teaching little children. The gospel just makes sense to them. They just get it. She told us the Book of Mormon must be true and he must have seen the Father and the Son because Joseph Smith wouldn't lie. When we asked her when she wanted to be baptized (which is a great tactic, by the way, having them put themselves on date) and her response was, "Ummmm not too soon. Maybe tomorrow?" Her mom wants her to wait a few weeks, just 2, to make sure she gets all the lessons and comes to church. Fair enough.)
Look around again, Katelyn, who we haven't seen in forever, shows up with her member friend.
Then during the fast and testimony meeting, Anthony Julian, who has only been active in church for about 6 months, got up and bore his testimony for the first time in his life. There was POWER in that. I had the chills. He talked about how his wife was a great example to him, how he was supposed to give a talk but bailed and the sister missionaries (that's me) had to last-minute take the slot and how tithing and prayer have changed his life. He knows God lives. That was incredible. His two oldest sons are just waiting for him to be ready to baptize them. Baby steps. We are almost there.
At the end of the meeting, we look 2 rows behind us and there is a guy who just moved into the ward and his nonmember girlfriend are there. She came to Sunday School, had tons of questions, and we're meeting with her on Wednesday.
After church the elders in the other ward greet us with a lovely, "We have a referral for you. It's a sweet family." This family, a husband who is a less-active member, and his nonmember wife and 5 of their 6 kids showed up in their ward wanting to come to church to spiritually get themselves in order and to bring their family together. They would love it if missionaries came by their house and met with them!
Then we went and visited Debbie, who is a psychotherapist that we tracted into a few weeks ago and have had a hard time meeting with because of her schedule. The lesson was amazing. She read through the whole Book of Mormon intro and soaked it all in. She was telling us how it was no coincidence that we showed up shortly after the death of her mother, how she was needing to find more spirituality in her life, and when we shared that the gospel is for everyone and that everyone ever will have a chance to hear it, her face changed. She loved it. You could see the light come over her.
Then we met with our miracle family. They want to be baptized. They want the dad to do it. They are so golden.
We ended our night on a spiritual high. An elder in our zone got some bad news from home on Saturday night. His brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly in an accident and because this was going to be his last transfer he made the decision and got it approved to go home early and be with his family during this hard time. He left this morning. We met as a zone at the mission home to have a testimony meeting and to send him off. It was great to hear the testimonies of so many missionaries and President and Sister Weaver. It put a lot of things into perspective for me about life and how great our missions really are. When we met with Debbie she told us about when she saw a missionary going home in the airport and she said he had a glow about him. You could see it and could tell that he had been doing to Lord's work. That was amazing to hear, and I hope that all of us have that glow when we come home.
Earlier in the week I got pretty sick. A weird stomach thing hit me and I was down and out for a while. I finally decided to have some elders give me a blessing. God answers prayers. Not only was I much much better after the blessing, I got specific answers that I needed and I realized that I think God was just waiting for me to ask. He wanted to see if I would use what was available to me for help. I'm glad I did.
There are so many things I am looking forward to. This is going to be a great week. I'm going to learn a lot. Hope you all are learning what you need to. Life is great. So is God. Love you. God speed.
Sister Chronister

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


You know, as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to want to email every week. I think this is when minor flashes of ADD come in. It's really hard to focus on anything. MY BRAIN IS MUSH.
Oh my goodness, this last week was a beast. I am so tired. We have worked so hard to see so many things happen and everything fell through. It was just a lame week. So I'm going to move on to happier/more spiritual things.
Last night we, again, had a missionary fireside. As I sat and listened to the prelude music, Be Still My Soul, I felt an overwhelming peace come over me and rest in my heart. Everything that I had been carrying around for the last few weeks was lifted away. My soul was finally still. I know that the peace that I felt can only come from God. As we moved through the program I was so grateful that I got to be there to just feel the Spirit and to testify of Jesus Christ. It was pure religion, pure testimony, pure love. Again, I reflected on my recent studies of the life of Jesus Christ. Coming to know Him has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. My life truly has been changed by Him.
My whole outlook on my Rock has changed. I used to turn to others to help me or pick me up when I was down, but now I rely on God. I have personally seen the power of the Godhead, working together in unity for the fulfillment of man, in my life. My Father has blessed me with my life, my family, a plan, and a way. My Brother ransomed Himself for me, someone who is proud and unholy, short tempered and impatient, afraid and too often unwilling. My Comforter has strengthened me, pacified me, put words into my mouth, revealed truth to me, chastened me, and purified me. They are One: One in purpose, to bring ME happiness and to lead me back home.
We heard from President Weaver yesterday just a little preview of some of the changes that will happen with the new missionary ages and things. He said, "This is a new age. prophecies are being fulfilled. The church is coming our of obscurity and we can never go back. And we are part of it." That hit me like a ton of bricks from the top of the Tacoma Dome. We can never go back. The work of the Lord will go on, and no unhallowed hand will stop it. And we get to be a part of it. What an incredible time we live in. Bring it on. I'll let you know more when we get more details, but rumor has it missionaries will soon be coming straight to the mission field because the MTC will be too full. Just a rumor though :)
Have a great week. Keep up the good work. Remember who you are. Choose the right. Hold to the rod. Etc.
Sister Chronister

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doubling in is like a double stuff oreo

Original is better. And you have to work harder to work off the double stuff. Just stick with the original.
This transfer is flying by. It's already week 5. I don't know where all the time has gone. We have been working so hard lately. We got a text from the bishopric on Tuesday asking one of us to give a talk on Sunday about the role of prophets (Winner: Robinson!) and then we found out Saturday night that there was some miscommunication and BOTH of us were supposed to be speaking, me about the role of prophets and Robinson on a talk from an Ensign a few years back. Then we had less than 12 hours to prepare 10 minute talks each, AND we had already volunteered to help teach a Sunday School class, which 2 of our investigators are in, for the teenagers. On top of that, we had to be at meetings starting at 7 am. What does that equal? No sleep and lots of divine intervention. Luckily we have the greatest bishop in the world and when we went to meet with him he invited us to just go to his house and have a late lunch of french toast and hot chocolate with his family instead. Bless his heart. And his wife's, she made the best french toast I've ever had with homemade strawberry jam on top and 4 different flavors of whipped cream to choose from. We were living the high life. But then we crashed and burned in the car right before we went tracting. I accidentally fell asleep and woke up when I did one of those big twitches right when you're falling asleep. Robinson just laughed at me. I was just confused.
We have this legit guy named Tracy that we've been teaching. We met him a few weeks ago while we were knocking on doors. The front of his house is really weird, it kind of looks like a backyard and it's on a hill and has a big fence, so we almost missed it. Robinson actually walked right past it, but I could hear someone on the phone so I knew a house was there. I debated passing it up since he was on the phone, and normally when people are on the phone they really don't like being interrupted by missionaries, but as soon as our heads popped up over the top of the gate he walked over and ended his call and started talking to us.
He has been trying to make religion a bigger part of his life, he didn't ever really have it growing up (his mom was a hippie, according to him) but since his mom recently found church and God he decided he should look into it too. He's a super energetic guy, asks a lot of questions and tells really funny stories, but when it comes to religion he hasn't had much influence. That's actually perfect because it makes him more receptive to truth. He is the greatest example I've seen of what the Savior meant when He said to be like a child. Tracy knows that he doesn't know much about God, but every time we share something with him he soaks it all in and is ready to live whatever way he needs to. Last week we took him on a church tour and when he came he was wearing a nice shirt and he had shaved. We didn't even tell him to. He asked what the do's and don't's were, so we went over the WoW a little, and the poor guy thought we meant that he couldn't come to church if he drank coffee so he tried to quit and got a massive headache and didn't end up coming that week. (It was ok, it was Stake Conference and they were broadcasting from another building--it was a tough meeting to sit through and probably wouldn't be the best first experience at church.) But, we caught him later and cleared everything up and he came to church this week! He could only stay for a little, but he knew we were speaking and wanted to come support us and try out church. He was so nervous, he kept calling with different problems, like that he didn't have a good razor so he couldn't shave. But, right before the meeting started I saw him out in the foyer, waiting to come in. I went and grabbed him and got him a good seat next to some good fellowship. He is so legit. I can't wait to keep working with him. The other day before we left his house he said a prayer and told God the following: "Thank you for sending these two girls in my life, I've never felt more peace and love. They are doing what I've always heard is God's work. They are really doing it. They're the best little soldiers you have. I know you have a lot out there, but these two are the best." Oh man, best prayer ever.
Makayla wants to get baptized so bad, but her mom thinks that she should wait until she is 18 to get baptized. It's a tough situation for her, and she is trying to do the right thing. I am constantly, over and over again, amazed at youth and their commitment to do what's right. I think, "Would I have done that if I was in their shoes?" They really are some special people who are so prepared for the gospel and will do so many great things with it.
Have a great week. Read some scriptures. Say a prayer. Love you.
Sister Chronister

Monday, October 15, 2012

We got shot at every morning . . .

By the guy with the card scanner at the gym. Just thought I'd give you a little scare. We are in Tacoma and it is almost Halloween after all. Anyways, we go to the gym every morning bright and early. It sucks getting up and going, but once we're there I appreciate it. It helps me not fall asleep during personal study.
Oh, yeah, it was my birthday this week. Thank you thank you for all of the letters. That was definitely my favorite part. That and when we had a lesson with Kasondra, our investigator who is in a wheelchair, she didn't want to pray at the beginning of the lesson, at all, but by the end she decided that she would say the prayer for us. Wahooo!! I never would have thought a year ago that I would be so excited about someone saying a prayer. Other than that, it was a pretty laid back day, which is totally fine by me. No big celebrations, no center of attentions, just missionary work and letters. Oh, Washington finally decided to be Washington again and on my birthday it decided to rain for the first time in something like 82 days. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
So yes, fall is finally here. The summer was great, but now it's back to the misty grind and things are looking great here in Tacoma. Our people are starting to be more solid, we have more things to do during the day, and we don't get lost anymore!! Miracles.
Oh, so last Tuesday Sis. Robinson got a call from one of her recent converts in her first area. They were going to the temple to be sealed as a family and they wanted her to come! And, of course since she is a missionary and needs a companion all the time and there were no other sisters in the mission who knew them, I got to go with her! On Thursday!! Early birthday present, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was the first time I had seen a sealing and it was awesome. I loved just being in the temple and feeling the Spirit and not wanting to leave haha. So cool.
We had Stake Conference this weekend. At the Saturday night session (which one of the people we're teaching went to out of pity so we could go too, so kind) they invited a young man to get up and bear his testimony. He just got his mission call to the Nevada Reno mission. I couldn't help but think that he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Then I started thinking about how much my mission means to me and all of the great things that I've been able to see.
Every day I get to go out and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I get to study His life and His teachings and strive to become more like Him every day. I get to wear a name tag that has my name next to His. My mission has changed my life and I never want to leave. Washington has become such sacred ground for me. I thought of what it would be like to come back and see everyone--and it scared me haha because I don't want to not be a missionary. I will just stay here forever, I think. I love my Savior. I love the gospel. There is so much to be thankful for.
We finished reading the Book of Mormon as a mission this last week. That book is amazing. We read it with our companions out loud, and that was a really incredible experience. We actually finished it this morning and as I read Moroni's final words, for the umpteenth time in my life, I could feel, burning in my heart, the truth of that book. It changes lives. If you want proof, you're looking at it. Look all around. Read it. You'll never know until you try.
Hope everyone has a delightful week. we certainly will. Love you.
Sister Chronister

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


TUCSON, AZ IS GETTING A TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! (Green, for a saguaro.)

I am just a little excited about this. Every single conference when the prophet opens the conference and makes his usual announcements, including new temples, I think in my mind, "Is this the day that Tucson will be announced?" For years we have been waiting for one, hoping and praying that we will be blessed with one. So this conference I sat in the chapel and listened quietly as he announced new temples. He said there would be 2 new temples announced in the following locations, and my heart kinda started to pound a little, like something big was about to happen, and in my head I thought, "Tucson, AZ" or maybe it was the Spirit, I don't know, but to my utter amazement I heard the words in my head spoken out loud simultaneously by President Monson. Tucson, AZ. My jaw dropped and all I could say was, "Shut your mouth." He did not shut his mouth. It was real. Tucson is getting a temple!!! I think my eyes may or may not have watered a little bit when I heard that and it sunk in. Just a little though.

I thought of everyone that I know and love in Tucson and how much joy they were all feeling at the new announcement. I never imagined what that would feel like, to know that my precious lil hometown is going to be blessed with a temple. We better live up to that responsibility now. Truthfully though, I have never wished to be home with the people that I love more than when I heard that announcement. I wanted to be able to rejoice and celebrate with everyone. I wanted to be able to share that joy that I felt with people that understood, like me, how long we have been waiting and how amazing that announcement actually was. But, I will have to suffice with continuing on the Lord's work in Tacoma. Maybe one day they'll get a temple here too and I will be able to feel just as much joy. Every time I think about it still, I wonder if it's a dream or if I just made it up, but then I remember that it's real.

But, then my world continued to be rocked with the announcement of new missionary ages! Oh dang. All of a sudden I feel old, you know, now that I'm on the brink of 22. Then I thought of what it would be like to train a 19 year old sister. Wieerrdd. Future greenie, if you are somehow reading this and you are 19, I'm wierded out that you are 19, but I will trust that God has prepared you. Ok, that's it, I'm done with that.

Conference was amazing. There were so many good talks. I had tried to think of a question to have answered, but I was really struggling to word it or phrase it, but I knew that it had to do with faith. Good thing God is smart and He knows how to answer my questions even when I don't really know what to ask. Some of my favorite talks included Elder Anderson's and Elder Bednar's. That was such a perfect analogy of why it's important to have a testimony and to be converted. The lamp is our testimony, but the oil that keeps it buuurrrrning briiiight is our conversion to the gospel. So, the question becomes, are you converted? If yes, keep being converted. If not, be converted. When you take a step toward Christ He takes a step toward you. It just takes one step of faith at a time.
Things are going pretty well with the work. We know our way around the area pretty well by now and we're doing good on sifting through potentials and people in our teaching pool, trying to figure out who is really progressing and who we need to focus on. We are feeling good, pushing through the tough days, and laughing as much as possible. That happens a lot cause my comp is super happy and thinks I'm really funny. Oh, happy day.

What about errbody else? What did you learn at Conference? How's life? Meet any cool people who want to learn about Jesus? Oh, we talked to a crazy guy yesterday who told us to stop wasting our time with what we were doing and go make as much money as possible and buy food and property somewhere out in the country cause the cities will be unlivable in 4 years. He told us to stop wasting time. I told him to do the same. Actually it was a perfect example of getting to carried away with the internet and with information. I thought of that one talk where he said information isn't enough. You need knowledge and application of it. This guy is 35, getting divorced, paranoid, and drunk. It made me so grateful for what I get to go do every day and for the perspective that I get. It isn't just the next 5 or 10 years. It's eternity. Don't waste time.

Send me some letters this week. And pictures. I want to see what people are up to. It would be nice, you know, to get them on the 12th. No particular reason. Love you guys. Be good, and in the immortal words of the great Joseph Ballantyne, "Don't suck."

Sister Chronister

Monday, October 1, 2012

How many days till p day?

Where to begin. This week has been crazy. I'm so tired. Being doubled in, is a trip. After transfer meeting we went to a member's house for lunch. They had all the sisters over that have served in the Skyline ward. So nice. Then one of the sisters that just left took us to our house (we live with a member, Sis. Renner. She's older and lives by herself and we live in the basement. It's not a bad set up and she's really nice) and gave us the 5 minute run-down of everything then left. Then we just stood there, looking back and forth at each other and our board with everyone that we're working with on it. What now? So we cracked open our area book, said a very mighty prayer, and went to work.
We've been able to get a hold of or meet everyone in our teaching pool, and some were definitely more successful than others. This girl Makayla that the sisters were working with had us come over and meet her the day we got there and she is way legit. She already knows she wants to get baptized, it's just a matter of when. So, when we saw her a few days later, we committed her to be baptized at the beginning of November. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Why so far out?" Because that's when she wanted it, but we're pretty sure we can get her to be baptized sooner. We'll help her see she's ready. She's already been taught pretty much everything. So that was cool. Some other folks are wary of meeting with us cause they were comfortable with the other sisters. Understandable. As hard as it is for us, I can't imagine what it's like for these people they were already working with. We just have to remember that we were sent here at this time in this way for a reason. It will all work out, it's all in God's hands.
Luckily the sisters before us talked us up a bit so most people were excited to meet us. The ward is AWESOME. They are so on top of missionary work. They take care of all of the not-so-fun stuff and we get to do all the good stuff, namely find, teach, and baptize. It's so great.
I got to go back to Steilacoom twice this weekend. Saturday Nikki and Meaghan got baptized!! It was awesome to go and see them. They were so excited and looked so good in white. I got to see a lot of people from Steilacoom, including Miss Jane. Haha she didn't see me at first, then when she realized it was me, she started crying and hugging me super tight. She thought she was never going to see me again.
Then on Sunday we had the musical fireside for the Lakewood Stake. I was asked to bear my testimony as part of the program. The firesides are totally focused on Christ so I was supposed to share a 2 minute or less testimony on the Savior. I thought a lot about that and about how much I have come to know and love my Savior over the past few months. One phrase came to mind: The Refiner's Fire. I talked about how a silver refiner is supposed to take a piece of silver ore and heat it so hot that all of the impurities in it burn up and melt off. The silver refiner knows when the silver is done when he can see his reflection in the metal. We are the silver. Christ is the Refiner. He allows us to go through trials and tribulations so our weaknesses are burnt off and melted away, leaving us pure. He doesn't change us into something different, but rather, He changes us into who we really are. I love my Savior. I know that He lives. He lives and loves me. I am so grateful to be here serving Him every day. Come to know Him. The happiness that comes from it, and the peace it brings your soul, is worth any price to get it.
Much love.
Sister Chronister

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tacoma on the Skyline

Well, the news that everyone's been waiting for is finally here. I am leaving Steilacoom. After 4 amazing transfers and sooooo manyyyyy miracles, I will finally be wrapping up my work here and heading out to a new area. Luckily, I can actually see my new area from Steilacoom. So it's a super long journey......
I am getting doubled in to the Tacoma Skyline ward with Sister Robinson. (I think this means they are both Sisters are going to be new to the area)  She goes home in 2 transfers and she is legit. I've been in the same zone as her for the last 4 transfers and we've been joking for a while that we were going to get doubled in together. Lo and behold, it happened without either of us actually relaying that little bit of hopefulness to President Weaver. Big things happening. The day of transfer calls we saw P Weavs and he wouldn't give us our calls early, but he did tell us that usually every transfer he throws some curveballs that make him giggle (yes, he said giggle) inside and he loves seeing it happen. The next day, after hearing where I was going, he pulled me aside and said my call was one of those that he was really excited and giggling about. There's a lot of confidence being put in Sister Robinson and I. When I first heard the call I was super excited and really, REALLY surprised, then I was jumping around the apartment for joy, but the next day it hit me what challenges this means. We won't know anyone or anything about the area. We'll have to hit the ground at a dead sprint and try not to trip too many times. But now I'm determined. It's going to be great. I just want to get there and start working without any pre-conceived notions of the area or any in/outside information other than the bare facts. Let's do this.
But this means that I have to leave Steilacoom. The Sunday before I left home last year the primary was practicing for their program. I remember being really sad that I would miss is it because, other than General Conference, I think the primary program might be my favorite Sunday of the year. So it was fitting that my last Sunday in Steilacoom, a place that has become like home to me, was the primary program. So tender. So many yelling children picking their noses and wiggling around on the stand. It sucks saying goodbye to people. But, it's great to hear that they want you to come back. I have been SO BLESSED to be here. I don't think I'll realize all of it until actually leave.
Last week we had our park day. Two days before my foot randomly started hurting way bad, and I wouldn't really walk around on it more than around the apartment or to and from the car. That's a problem when you don't have a car and you're schedule is packed for the day. By the grace of God I was able to ride a bike without it hurting my foot. So we rode bikes for a day! And then we liked it so much we decieded to do it for the next 2 days. It was actually really fun, and by the end my butt didn't hurt too bad. And my foot is better. Almost. Whatevs.
Nikki and Meaghan are getting baptized this weekend!! Thank goodness I'm just going to go to Tacoma because it means that I'll be able to come back for it. They were way bummed when they found out I was leaving, and so was I. I didn't really tell them in advance though because I didn't want it to affect their decision to get baptized, which it didn't. Either way, I had to leave soon, so it was better that they were prepared and had enough time to think about everything and learn everything for their baptism. Yeahhhhh buddy.
This week I'm going to need a lot of prayers. Don't forget about me, ok? I'll get my address to you........soon. Haha. Have a great week! Look for the tiny miracles every day. Like those lil flecks of gold, they add up and eventually become a nugget.
Sister Chronister