Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas, T-town

Holidays in Tacoma are the best. As is anything that happens in Washington. The best. 

Skyping with the fam was legit. It was fun to see everyone at once, and it felt like it sped up the process to me. It was easier to tell what was going on when I could see their faces in addition to their voices. 

Christmas Eve we hung out with missionaries, since it was a P day, and went a little shopping crazy. Everywhere we went there was a great deal on something that I didn't really need, but really wanted. So I had to buy it. Merry Christmas, to me. Or, as they say across the pond, Happy Christmas, Harry. Christmas morning involved about 30 missionaries and a giant pancake breakfast (the pancakes were giant, not the breakfast), an awkward little run-in with some Samoans that didn't like sharing the church kitchen, and footie pajamas. Who could pass up that opportunity? Not me. 

It was a slower week last week. Ironically, most people are so busy celebrating Christmas that they don't have time to hear a message about the Man whose birth they are celebrating. It's not just about His birth. He lived the greatest life, gave us the greatest sacrifice, and lives today to guide and bless us. At our mission Christmas party a few weeks ago we watched a video of the Savior's life to "O, Holy Night." It occurred to me that the night He was born was an incredible, holy night, but there was a greater one. The night of the Atonement of Jesus Christ was the Holy Night. Where He put it all on the line, gave His all for us, so that we could find peace, love, joy, and LIFE.

Make the most of the gift that has already been given. Love you all.


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