Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doubling in is like a double stuff oreo

Original is better. And you have to work harder to work off the double stuff. Just stick with the original.
This transfer is flying by. It's already week 5. I don't know where all the time has gone. We have been working so hard lately. We got a text from the bishopric on Tuesday asking one of us to give a talk on Sunday about the role of prophets (Winner: Robinson!) and then we found out Saturday night that there was some miscommunication and BOTH of us were supposed to be speaking, me about the role of prophets and Robinson on a talk from an Ensign a few years back. Then we had less than 12 hours to prepare 10 minute talks each, AND we had already volunteered to help teach a Sunday School class, which 2 of our investigators are in, for the teenagers. On top of that, we had to be at meetings starting at 7 am. What does that equal? No sleep and lots of divine intervention. Luckily we have the greatest bishop in the world and when we went to meet with him he invited us to just go to his house and have a late lunch of french toast and hot chocolate with his family instead. Bless his heart. And his wife's, she made the best french toast I've ever had with homemade strawberry jam on top and 4 different flavors of whipped cream to choose from. We were living the high life. But then we crashed and burned in the car right before we went tracting. I accidentally fell asleep and woke up when I did one of those big twitches right when you're falling asleep. Robinson just laughed at me. I was just confused.
We have this legit guy named Tracy that we've been teaching. We met him a few weeks ago while we were knocking on doors. The front of his house is really weird, it kind of looks like a backyard and it's on a hill and has a big fence, so we almost missed it. Robinson actually walked right past it, but I could hear someone on the phone so I knew a house was there. I debated passing it up since he was on the phone, and normally when people are on the phone they really don't like being interrupted by missionaries, but as soon as our heads popped up over the top of the gate he walked over and ended his call and started talking to us.
He has been trying to make religion a bigger part of his life, he didn't ever really have it growing up (his mom was a hippie, according to him) but since his mom recently found church and God he decided he should look into it too. He's a super energetic guy, asks a lot of questions and tells really funny stories, but when it comes to religion he hasn't had much influence. That's actually perfect because it makes him more receptive to truth. He is the greatest example I've seen of what the Savior meant when He said to be like a child. Tracy knows that he doesn't know much about God, but every time we share something with him he soaks it all in and is ready to live whatever way he needs to. Last week we took him on a church tour and when he came he was wearing a nice shirt and he had shaved. We didn't even tell him to. He asked what the do's and don't's were, so we went over the WoW a little, and the poor guy thought we meant that he couldn't come to church if he drank coffee so he tried to quit and got a massive headache and didn't end up coming that week. (It was ok, it was Stake Conference and they were broadcasting from another building--it was a tough meeting to sit through and probably wouldn't be the best first experience at church.) But, we caught him later and cleared everything up and he came to church this week! He could only stay for a little, but he knew we were speaking and wanted to come support us and try out church. He was so nervous, he kept calling with different problems, like that he didn't have a good razor so he couldn't shave. But, right before the meeting started I saw him out in the foyer, waiting to come in. I went and grabbed him and got him a good seat next to some good fellowship. He is so legit. I can't wait to keep working with him. The other day before we left his house he said a prayer and told God the following: "Thank you for sending these two girls in my life, I've never felt more peace and love. They are doing what I've always heard is God's work. They are really doing it. They're the best little soldiers you have. I know you have a lot out there, but these two are the best." Oh man, best prayer ever.
Makayla wants to get baptized so bad, but her mom thinks that she should wait until she is 18 to get baptized. It's a tough situation for her, and she is trying to do the right thing. I am constantly, over and over again, amazed at youth and their commitment to do what's right. I think, "Would I have done that if I was in their shoes?" They really are some special people who are so prepared for the gospel and will do so many great things with it.
Have a great week. Read some scriptures. Say a prayer. Love you.
Sister Chronister

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