Monday, October 1, 2012

How many days till p day?

Where to begin. This week has been crazy. I'm so tired. Being doubled in, is a trip. After transfer meeting we went to a member's house for lunch. They had all the sisters over that have served in the Skyline ward. So nice. Then one of the sisters that just left took us to our house (we live with a member, Sis. Renner. She's older and lives by herself and we live in the basement. It's not a bad set up and she's really nice) and gave us the 5 minute run-down of everything then left. Then we just stood there, looking back and forth at each other and our board with everyone that we're working with on it. What now? So we cracked open our area book, said a very mighty prayer, and went to work.
We've been able to get a hold of or meet everyone in our teaching pool, and some were definitely more successful than others. This girl Makayla that the sisters were working with had us come over and meet her the day we got there and she is way legit. She already knows she wants to get baptized, it's just a matter of when. So, when we saw her a few days later, we committed her to be baptized at the beginning of November. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Why so far out?" Because that's when she wanted it, but we're pretty sure we can get her to be baptized sooner. We'll help her see she's ready. She's already been taught pretty much everything. So that was cool. Some other folks are wary of meeting with us cause they were comfortable with the other sisters. Understandable. As hard as it is for us, I can't imagine what it's like for these people they were already working with. We just have to remember that we were sent here at this time in this way for a reason. It will all work out, it's all in God's hands.
Luckily the sisters before us talked us up a bit so most people were excited to meet us. The ward is AWESOME. They are so on top of missionary work. They take care of all of the not-so-fun stuff and we get to do all the good stuff, namely find, teach, and baptize. It's so great.
I got to go back to Steilacoom twice this weekend. Saturday Nikki and Meaghan got baptized!! It was awesome to go and see them. They were so excited and looked so good in white. I got to see a lot of people from Steilacoom, including Miss Jane. Haha she didn't see me at first, then when she realized it was me, she started crying and hugging me super tight. She thought she was never going to see me again.
Then on Sunday we had the musical fireside for the Lakewood Stake. I was asked to bear my testimony as part of the program. The firesides are totally focused on Christ so I was supposed to share a 2 minute or less testimony on the Savior. I thought a lot about that and about how much I have come to know and love my Savior over the past few months. One phrase came to mind: The Refiner's Fire. I talked about how a silver refiner is supposed to take a piece of silver ore and heat it so hot that all of the impurities in it burn up and melt off. The silver refiner knows when the silver is done when he can see his reflection in the metal. We are the silver. Christ is the Refiner. He allows us to go through trials and tribulations so our weaknesses are burnt off and melted away, leaving us pure. He doesn't change us into something different, but rather, He changes us into who we really are. I love my Savior. I know that He lives. He lives and loves me. I am so grateful to be here serving Him every day. Come to know Him. The happiness that comes from it, and the peace it brings your soul, is worth any price to get it.
Much love.
Sister Chronister

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