Monday, September 24, 2012

Tacoma on the Skyline

Well, the news that everyone's been waiting for is finally here. I am leaving Steilacoom. After 4 amazing transfers and sooooo manyyyyy miracles, I will finally be wrapping up my work here and heading out to a new area. Luckily, I can actually see my new area from Steilacoom. So it's a super long journey......
I am getting doubled in to the Tacoma Skyline ward with Sister Robinson. (I think this means they are both Sisters are going to be new to the area)  She goes home in 2 transfers and she is legit. I've been in the same zone as her for the last 4 transfers and we've been joking for a while that we were going to get doubled in together. Lo and behold, it happened without either of us actually relaying that little bit of hopefulness to President Weaver. Big things happening. The day of transfer calls we saw P Weavs and he wouldn't give us our calls early, but he did tell us that usually every transfer he throws some curveballs that make him giggle (yes, he said giggle) inside and he loves seeing it happen. The next day, after hearing where I was going, he pulled me aside and said my call was one of those that he was really excited and giggling about. There's a lot of confidence being put in Sister Robinson and I. When I first heard the call I was super excited and really, REALLY surprised, then I was jumping around the apartment for joy, but the next day it hit me what challenges this means. We won't know anyone or anything about the area. We'll have to hit the ground at a dead sprint and try not to trip too many times. But now I'm determined. It's going to be great. I just want to get there and start working without any pre-conceived notions of the area or any in/outside information other than the bare facts. Let's do this.
But this means that I have to leave Steilacoom. The Sunday before I left home last year the primary was practicing for their program. I remember being really sad that I would miss is it because, other than General Conference, I think the primary program might be my favorite Sunday of the year. So it was fitting that my last Sunday in Steilacoom, a place that has become like home to me, was the primary program. So tender. So many yelling children picking their noses and wiggling around on the stand. It sucks saying goodbye to people. But, it's great to hear that they want you to come back. I have been SO BLESSED to be here. I don't think I'll realize all of it until actually leave.
Last week we had our park day. Two days before my foot randomly started hurting way bad, and I wouldn't really walk around on it more than around the apartment or to and from the car. That's a problem when you don't have a car and you're schedule is packed for the day. By the grace of God I was able to ride a bike without it hurting my foot. So we rode bikes for a day! And then we liked it so much we decieded to do it for the next 2 days. It was actually really fun, and by the end my butt didn't hurt too bad. And my foot is better. Almost. Whatevs.
Nikki and Meaghan are getting baptized this weekend!! Thank goodness I'm just going to go to Tacoma because it means that I'll be able to come back for it. They were way bummed when they found out I was leaving, and so was I. I didn't really tell them in advance though because I didn't want it to affect their decision to get baptized, which it didn't. Either way, I had to leave soon, so it was better that they were prepared and had enough time to think about everything and learn everything for their baptism. Yeahhhhh buddy.
This week I'm going to need a lot of prayers. Don't forget about me, ok? I'll get my address to you........soon. Haha. Have a great week! Look for the tiny miracles every day. Like those lil flecks of gold, they add up and eventually become a nugget.
Sister Chronister

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