Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're going Church Turr Crazy!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the words "church tour" this week, I really think that I would have $1,000,000. [Insert Austin Powers reference here.] We are focusing on church tours as a mission. We worked our butts off trying to find church tours. We went through all of our potentials, formers, ups, downs, whoever and tried to get them to come check out the church. And today, I'm tired haha. It was productive though, it helped us filter a lot of the people we are trying to teach. There's a lot of people in Steilacoom! Haha.
Last week was slow, this one is going to be crazy. Tomorrow we are going to Zion's Camp for some mission training and fun, Saturday I'll be up in Silverdale (the blessed, blessed land of Silverdale) and Sunday we are going to Port Angeles. both for the musical fireside thingy's the mission is doing. Lots of driving, I hope we can get some work done in there, especially since PA is about 2.5 hours away.....
I am crazy and I have been reading Jesus the Christ like it's nobody's business over the last few weeks. It's amazing!! I love that book. This morning I read about the parable where the seed grows secretly. It has a better title, I just can't remember it. One of the cool parts is that it is only mentioned in one of the gospels, not all 4 or even 3 of them. Anyways, it talks about a sower planting a seed and he goes and does some other stuff and comes back and the seed has fully grown into a stalk with an ear and with corn in the ear. So basically it's full-grown if you didn't catch that part. The sower simply needed to plant the seed. He could help its growth by weeding, watering, making sure the ground was ready for the seed, but as far as the actual growth of the seed, only the Lord knows exactly what needs to happen for it. Same with the gospel. We all plant seeds ( I know, I know, I'm sick of hearing that phrase too) but only God knows what it takes for that seed to actually grow. We can do our best to take care of the environment around it, but sometimes we have to go other places and take care of other things. It isn't always our main focus all the time. But, when we come back and the seed is fully grown, we get to rejoice in the harvest. Whatever the result is, it's all in God's control. I thought that was pretty great.
I hope you all have a lovely week. Washington is on a no-rain streak. I think today marks 48 or 49 days of no precipitation. Sounds familiar.......AZ? I love it, the grass and the trees do not. Love you, write me a letter!!
Sister Sara Chronister

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