Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh to be green again!

Last week we had the opportunity to take the newest sister in our mission out tracting for her first time. It was legit. I have never been more excited to go knocking on doors in my life. I was stressing about where to take her, making sure she had a good experience, maybe throwing in a few jokes/pranks just to keep things fresh (as if everything wasn't "fresh" to her to begin with....) and it was AWESOME. Haha I tried to get her to take the first door, just to see if she would. She didn't. But she did take the second one and when we got bashed by someone she held her own and was bearing testimony and handing out the Book of Mormon like it was candy. Oh wait, it is candy, of the spiritual variety. Then we took her to a "former's" house (aka a member who knew we had her for the night) and she very realistically chewed us out and slammed the door in our faces before inviting us in and feeding us treats. I just wanted to make sure she had a good experience..... Anyways, I want to be green again. That's the best time to be a missionary. You don't know any different so you just go out and do the work and trust in God because you don't know what else to do. It's great.
We are getting ready this week to have our first baptism here! Jalynn is getting baptized on Saturday. We are so excited. I've never seen a young girl (she's 9) so ready and so prepared. She is soaking everything in like SpongeBob and the best part is seeing her mom's reaction to all of the things that she learns. Yesterday we were teaching her the commandments and we asked her how her scripture reading was going. We had given her a Book of Mormon Stories book to read from every day. She proceeded to give us a detailed account of Nephi, Sam, Laman, and Lemuel going to get the plates from Laban and how Laman and Lemuel were scared to go back but Nephi went back anyways. Never, ever underestimate children. They know so much more than we think they do and I hope to be able to become like them. After all, that's what we're told we need to become like in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
I accomplished something big this week: I finished reading Jesus the Christ. All 793 pages. I. Love. Jesus. Christ. Reading about Him and coming closer to Him makes me want to shout from the rooftops about the great plan He has for us--it's free and it makes us free. I want to be a missionary forever. Watching a bunch of missionaries I know and love either go home or get ready to go home, I realize that I don't want to face that. I just want to stay here forever and share the gospel with random strangers and represent the Redeemer of us all. It's a really good anti-trunky medication to have your friends go home.
Don't fear. That's going to be our theme this week. Fear is the opposite of faith, so just go out and trust that God will protect you and back you up. He already promised that He would, so just go and do. Love you all.
Sister Chronister

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