Monday, November 19, 2012

P Day Surprises

We woke up this morning to a lovely surprise in our bedroom....WATER!!!! It was pouring all night and we live in a basement so all of the water is leaking through the house into our room. Cold Washington rain water. Nothing better. Actually, pretty much anything is better than that. So we'll see how it pans out with the heavy showers this whole week.
Pretty cool week. I hit my year mark. That was weird. I can't believe it's been that long. I only have so much time left........ahakdfhasfjhagjkaghaweuioghghiqeugvagh. It's hard to email today. My brain is all over the place. Sounds about right....
We had a baptism on Saturday!! Little Jalynn Garcia who is 9. She was so excited. They had to do it again though cause her hair didn't go all the way under so I had to go and tie her hair back for her. Poor little girl is so skinny she was shivering while I was helping her even though the font water was warm.
We found a way legit lady name Tanisha who wants to come to church and kept saying that it was interesting that we knocked on her door that day cause she was just thinking about church. As we kept talking she got emotional and said she knew it wasn't a coincidence that we knocked on her door. Agreed.
Sunday morning we got a call from this guy Donald that we had met the day before who said he was thinking about becoming a Mormon. He was trying to find the church and needed a ride so we got some men to go pick him up. Interesting guy. He told me he's addicted to a lot of different things right now, his life is a mess, and he doesn't really know why he came to church, but he did. In the middle of sacrament meeting he jumped backward over the pew and ran out the door. We thought he was done, just decided to leave. Nope. Later he comes walking down the hall, he'd been talking to his friend who was a member and said that his friend told him to ask for a blessing. The elders were right there so we went in a room, explained what blessings are for, and they gave him one. Then he left again. Then he came back and said his friend told him to go to priesthood, so we walked him into priesthood. Come to find out, his friend is in the YSA ward, which is covered by the elders that gave him the blessing at the church. So we promptly turned him over to them and now it's a fun story in my journal and a cool referral for them. I hope Donald figures everything out. I'll definitely be going to his baptism if he does.
This week is Thanksgiving. As opposed to the general consensus, instead of Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. It's all about good food, family time, and gratitude. Also, I love pumpkin pie.
I am grateful for Jesus Christ.
I am grateful to be a missionary.
I am grateful for Christmas lights (they make tracting more fun).
I am grateful for the Book of Mormon.
I am grateful for a good family that loves me.
I am grateful to be alive.
I am grateful for a car.
I am grateful for my life.
Best way to say thanks? Go out and share what you know. Share the things that make you so happy. That's all God asks us to do. Go out and live the things you have received from Him.
Do any of you still read these emails? If you don't you should, and if you do you should write me a letter. I would be very grateful.
4007-D Bridgeport Way W.
University Place, WA 98466
Love you.
Sister Chronister

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