Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Party's Over . . .

Christmas was pretty awesome. I was kinda worried about it being really hard and stuff, but the Lord definitely helps out with things like that. Yes, I was missing my family hardcore, but, like I told all of them, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. Christmas Eve we had dinner at a member's house and they had Cornish game hens. I ate a whole one. It was super good, and the first time I had ever had one. We made gingerbread houses after. It was pretty intense, but now we have a massive gingerbread house that we don't know what to do with. Any takers?

Christmas Day we got to sleep in (surprise present from President and Sister Weaver--I was so excited!!!) so my companion woke me up around 8:30 to open presents and get ready for church. We had tons of stuff and lots of boxes. So we're making a fort today. Pictures to follow. Church was great, except the power went out so they had to yell the sacrament prayer and the first speaker had to scream to get over all the other screaming kids, but then the power came back on and everything was all hunky-dory. We raced over to the Finnegan's after church and beat them there, but it was ok cause they gave us a key to their place so we could call home right away. My lovely mother decided to call and check the house phone right when I was trying to call her so it kept going to voicemail. I was in a panic, but I finally got them. It was so good to talk to them!! Yeah, I cried but who wouldn't?? We went and saw some members and had dinner at the YSA bishop's house (his wife is the best cook EVER) and watched 17 Miracles. Didn't cry as much, or hardly at all, this time. But it was still good.

Hmmmmm what else happened this week? We got a new investigator!! Have I written about her yet? We got a call one day about a friend of another investigator who was really sick and needed some help cleaning her house so we went over and cleaned and in the process found out that she was supposed to be baptized into the Baptist church the previous Sunday but it didn't happen because she was too sick. Perfect. So we have been helping her and checking up on her. The other day we were visiting with her for a few minutes and she said, "I just want to let you guys know that I'm not going back to the Baptist church." We started smiling like idiots. "I went there for 4 years and when I needed help no one was there, but you guys came right over. When I told my pastor what was going one he started going off on you guys, and that really was not ok with me, so I'm not going back there." She then asked us a bunch of questions about basic beliefs, what we expect from her as we teach her, etc. and it was really great. We took her on a church tour the next day and I think she really liked it. She didn't come to church on Sunday like she said she would so we'll have to find out what's going on there but we're really excited. Also, our other investigator seems to be doing really well. Well, at least better than the last time we met with her. She had actually read the Book of Mormon and was praying about it. We invited her to be baptized, she said no, but it wasn't a flat-out rejection. She just feels like she doesn't know for sure yet (she knows, we just have to help her see that).

We ran into this super funny guy when we were knocking doors one night. He started asking us all these questions and telling us "facts" like that Joseph Smith actually joined the masons for 18 years and when they kicked him out that's when he started the Mormons. Yeah, that makes sense, cause he was 38 when he died so he had lots of time for that. (He was a mason, but he was one at the same time as he was establishing the church, just fyi.) Then he was running in circles around himself trying to explain how God and Jesus were the same person, but they were different because God is an uncreated being, but Jesus was on the earth so he was a created being. When he was telling us about how Jesus was talking to his father on the cross, my companion went, "So...he was talking to himself?" Funniest thing of my life. For reals.

All I keep thinking about is how awesome Christmas was and how grateful I am that I get to be a missionary for two Christmases. It's the only time in my life that I will have to focus on His gospel, share His message, and spend it not with my family, but with Him. I felt nothing but love and comfort all day. It's exactly what I needed and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Christmas Eve during companionship study we just read about Jesus and it was awesome. We read Matthew 1-5 and some stuff in the Book of Mormon. I just really love being here. Do I have hard days? Yes. Do I sometimes just cry trying to fall asleep? You betcha. Is it all worth it? Without a doubt.

I love this gospel. It is so simple and has blessed my life so much. I love being a missionary. I love you all. You are de best. Peace!


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