Monday, April 23, 2012

Wis-nuggs & Such

Every day we either try and write down a funny quote or a nugget of wisdom (aka wis-nuggs). Sometimes they are goofy and other times they are profound. For example, in the same day, Sis. Baylon wrote down to not go the beach in a skirt, boots and tights. I wrote down that when one prayer is answered, there is almost always another answered also. This came from a huge miracle that we had. We taught Pohai, our deaf investigator, this week using an interpreter from the ward. It went ok, but we're still not sure how much she understands or how interested she is because she is pretty shy about signing (no one in her family signs so it throws her off when someone comes in and signs in ASL to her). We were trying to figure out what to do when we heard about a couple in another ward that have met Pohai before and they are both deaf and he served an ASL mission in Chicago. They met her once before and saw her at the deaf branch and it went really well, but for some reason they didn't see her after that. So, we got a hold of them and met them on Saturday night at their house to talk about what we could do for Pohai and how they might be able to help us. They are so awesome. So friendly, so willing to help, and, this is the kicker, they have been praying to find a missionary opportunity. It was way cool meeting with them. They both read lips and can speak so it was way cool talking to them. They are going to help us teach Pohai, and they are super willing to help out whenever. It was a huge miracle. At the end of our little meeting with them, we shared a scripture with them, Alma 29:8. It talks about teaching people in their own nation and tongue. At that moment I had a greater understanding of what that scripture meant and I told them that I knew that this was the missionary opportunity they were praying for. The Spirit was so strong in their home and when we left, we were pretty speechless on what had happened. After we shared that scripture, I told them they were an answer to our prayers, and Ann, the wife, said that it was interesting that more than one prayer was answered. God works in mysterious ways and I looooove it haha. Two of our investigators are on date, but not until next month. They are two kids whose parents are just recently coming back to church. Just getting them on date was a huge miracle becuase they are so shy. They are gearing up for it and hopefully they will open up more and we can keep helping them with the things they need help with. They're good kids and this is going to help them and their family a lot. Did I tell you guys about Rudy? We found him while tracting. He invited us in, told us he had been drinking all day, his wife died 2 years ago, and he's depressed. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a church tour. Monday he called us and cancelled the church tour so we stopped by on Tuesday to see what was up and talked to him forever on his front porch. He tried to give us the Book of Mormon back, but we got him to keep it and say he would read it by the end of our talk. Right in the middle of us testifying, a member was riding by on her bike and she yells out, blonde hair whipping in the wind, pink Nikes pedalling away, "Hiiii Sisters!" Sis. Baylon tried to recover and tie it in, but it was an epic failure. It was pretty much straight out of Nacho Libre when they find him in the wilderness and he asks how they found him and the villagers are like, "Hola Nacho." We've been laughing about it for days. We saw him again later in the week. He had read some of the Book of Mormon and was pretty happy to see us. We have to be really persistant with him becuase he says he doesn't want it, but every time we see him, he talks to us forever and he always seems happier. Every time we have seen him he's been happier. It's cool. Friday was the coolest day ever, we were so busy running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Setting up appointments, church tours, finding new investigators, learning life lessons (sarcasm is good, but don't get carried away cause then it's not funny and you just end up putting people down), etc. I love being that busy. We saw this lady named Crystal. She's probably one of my favorite people we've met so far. She's a pretty recent convert with some mental disabilities, so even though she's 30, mentally she's probably 8 or 9. She was so fun to talk to, and it reminded me of Marissa Troiano, just with how happy and friendly she is. She has a really cool spirit in her and you can't help but be happy around her. Instant friendship with her. Yesterday at church we had......wait for it.........12 people at church!! That was super cool. There were a few that we weren't expecting at all (like an investigators kind of anti husband who ended up really liking it) and there were a few that didn't come that we were hoping would. We have some really high goals for ourselves and it's fun to see big miracles like that happen. Have I even really told you about my comp? I don't think so. She's pretty cool. She's from San Diego and has been out on the mission 6 months longer than me, so she's at about 11 months right now. We were both born in Silverdale so we know a lot of the same people. She's way funny and quick-witted so we laugh a lot. It's preety cool. We decided that since the last 3 missionaries that were trained in Silverdale, all in a row, are awesome, that Silverdale is where champs are born. The world is the Coliseum and Silverdale is the locker room. You get ready to go out into the world there. I really like working with her. We're pretty different in our approaches to missionary work, kind of like fire and ice, but it's going to work out really well cause we'll figure out just the right balance and learn how to read each other and be bold and bring the hammer when we need to and go easy when we need to. I'm really excited about it. I'm so glad to be in Steilacoom. It's such a cool place. The last few days we've had amazing weather, so we've spent a lot of time outside contacting people. When the weather's good, no one is at home, so you have to go to where the poeple are. I even ended up with a tiny little sunburn cause we were out for so long. Basically, it's cool here. Oh, and fun little factoid. We are right next to Ft. Lewis, which is where my awesome Grampa Bruce was stationed when he was in the army during the Korean War. I like having that little connection. I love you all so much. You guys are the best. Thanks for all of your love and support. Keep writing those letters :) Have a great week!! Love, Sara

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