Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keep this fire...burnin briiiiiight

Oh my gosh this week was killer. We started doing Insanity this week, getting ripped is our overall goal. It's kicking my butt haha. Has anyone out there ever done Insanity? Like the workout videos? Cause that's what this week was for me as far as missionary work. We were super crazy busy and it was awesome. There were miracles out the wazoo and I am so tired from all the work and stuff that goes along with it. Sis. Baylon was praying the other day right as we were leaving the house and she prayed that we could "keep this fire...burnin briiiiiight......amen." I hope Heavenly Father was laughing with us. Tuesday we had back to back church tours with Scott and Rolando and were able to put both of them on date for the 13th of May. Those were two huge miracles right there. Scott had met missionaries before but they were really pushy and he didn't like that they tried to get him to be baptized really soon, but the Spirit told us to go for it, so we did and he was all for it. Timing is everything in missionary work. Rolando needs the gospel so bad, he's made some mistakes that he is looking for forgiveness for. That's what got him interested when we first met him, that the gospel could get rid of the guilty feeling that he carries with him. That's the amazing thing about the gospel, is that there is something for everyone in it. Whether you are rich or poor or feel guilty or grateful, the gospel helps you put your life in order and focus it on something much greater and more permanent than just a new job or making it over the next hurdle. It sets your sights on something higher. Wednesday we met with Rolando again and he brought a friend with him! Rolando is our gift that just keeps on giving (oh, he also keeps bringing us small gifts at our lessons with him. He's very nice.) So we taught Rolando and Dave. Fun Stuff. We met with Phillip and Perry. Perry was baptized the Sunday that I got here and Phillip has been coming to church and wants to get baptized, but has been holding out for Christmas time. He just felt a draw to that time of year. So, we read Alma 7:15 with him (awesome verse, awesome chapter by the way, you should all go read it) and talked about how it made sense that Christmas would be a good time cuase Christ is the reason and everything. But then, I got him with this one: Christmas is good, but you also just missed being baptized on Easter. So he prayed right then and there (which he does pretty frequently, but his answer is always still Christmas) BUT this time, he agreed that it needed to be before Decemeber!! It was amazing!! He is getting baptized this Sunday and will be confirmed on Mother's Day. His mom is pretty excited. Thursday we were still teaching like crazy, still finding new people, and working our butts off. I was so tired by Thursday night. We went and saw this awesome family in our ward, the Agors, and we showed them the rat trap and talked about faith and laughed and joked around and I felt so happy and relaxed for the first time in a long time it felt like. It was so good. Friday things went a little downhill. We were just so tired from everything we had done that week. We ended up calling President Weaver to ask him how we could pump ourselves up to go out and work. I didn't want to make the phone call, Baylon wanted me to "get on her level" so she called his phone, then darted into the bathroom so I would have to talk, but I chased her and managed to chuck the phone into the bathroom then hold the door shut. Right as the phone hit the ground he answered and she hung up. It was really really funny. I ended up talking to him and he told us to go on a walk and eat some lunch. It kinda worked. Saturday we got to go to lunch with the Weavers and one of the sisters who went home the transfer I got here, Sis. Mills, who trained Sis. Baylon. That was pretty cool and I had a nice chat with President and Sister Weaver while the sisters were having a little reunion. It was cool to see one of the sisters come back and the impact that they have on an area. We saw Rudy again, but this time took Brother Agor, who is also a Phillipino widower. Watching the two of them talk was like seeing them look into a mirror, one side being what life is like without knowing the gospel, the other witht he gospel. We were able to get Rudy to come to church and he was able to meet someone who could relate to him and wanted to help him. He started to feel the love of the Savior. The Spirit was so strong as we met with him and Sis. Baylon bore such a powerful testimony and it was impossible not to feel the love in that room. You could tell that his wife was waiting on the other side, wanting him to learn the gospel and accept it because it would make him happy and allow them to be together. Sunday was.....blegh. A lot of our investigators came to church for the first time and it was kind of an off Sunday. One of them told us he probably doesn't want to come back cause it reminded him of what church was like when he was a kid and that wasn't a good sign. Eh it was just kinda weird. So I was really glad to be done with the week and be able to rest up today and get ready to hit it hard this week. Tomorrow we have our mission conference with the visiting general authority...can't remember his name....but, the great news is that I get to see Sis. Balmforth!! Haha, I know everybody is excited about that. We're working hard here and doing what we can. Alma 17:10. Scripture of the day. Love you all so much. Write me if you get a chance. Keep working hard. Byyyeeee!! Love, Sister Sara Chronister

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