Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

So yesterday was pretty cool. I got to eat steak for dinner! And call my mom. Yeah. That too. It was so good talking to the fam. I stayed strong and didn't break down, it was just fun hearing their voices. So yeah, that was pretty exciting. This week is going to have a pretty short email since the majority of time I will be trying to email pictures home. Yayyyy pictures!!

We had a really busy week, it was really good. WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS!!! Philip was baptized on Friday and Scott was baptized on Saturday and then both of them got confirmed on Sunday. It was way fun, I really like baptisms, especially when they're the people that you've taught haha. I got to give the missionary message at Philip's and Sis. Baylon gave it at Scott's. It was cool to hear her testimony. Seeing two teenage boys decide to be baptized is so cool. There's a lot of crap going on in the world, but these two kids chose to live the gospel and put God first in their lives. That's pretty rare and I have so much respect for both of them.

We saw a really cool lesson with Pohai. I say saw because we did not teach it at all. The deaf couple that we met with taught her the whole lesson in sign. She was pretty shy at first cause there were a lot of people around, but we decided to leave and watch from the window since we couldn't really follow what they were saying anyways. She got super into it and was signing a lot and totally understood everything they were teaching her. When Sis. Wilson signed the opening prayer, the Spirit rushed into the room, and I couldn't help but think how special these people were and how loved Pohai is by her family and her Father in heaven.

Last night we gave a church tour to these two Chinese girls and we realized about half way through, when we were standing in the chapel talking about the sacrament, that we jumped too far ahead and we needed to go back to square 0 and teach them about God and who He is and their relationship with Him before we could teach them anything else. So they were talking to each other in Chinese for a second and Sis. Baylon looks at me and asks if I can play the piano...right now. So I went over and played "Redeemer" off the top of my head. I only knew about half and made up the rest as I went, so it didn't sound super great, but it was what they needed to feel the Spirit. I'm excited to teach them again and see how it goes. I hope we can help them know God.

So the other day we were out tracting before one of our baptisms. We knocked a few doors and we weren't really feeling it, so we were headed back to the car to find somewhere else to go, when I remember, "Oh, it's two hours before the baptism. It takes 2 hours to fill the font. No one has filled the font. We need to fill the font." So I told my comp that and she grabs me with both hands and starts shaking me and goes, "Holy Ghost!! Holy Ghost!!" Needless to say she was pretty excited that the Holy Ghost reminded me to fill the font. That's about all I have for now. I am cruising through the Book of Mormon and I get to read 3 Nephi 11 today!! It should be pretty great. Love you all. Always working on writing soon. Byeeee!!

 Love, Sara

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