Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sinking Peter, Stumbling Enoch

So this past week has been an interesting one. It started off with getting Sister Baylon all packed up and sent off to Lacey. Before she left we had the opportunity to go and visit Teresa, who we found my first week here and turned over to the Spanish elders and now she is going to get baptized in the next week or two. She is amazing. They talked about Matthew 14, where Peter walks on water. As they were reading it and talking about it in Spanish, I had a little moment with Heavenly Father. I was like Peter. I saw a lot of really great things happen, I could see the Lord's hand in the work, my faith was growing, so I decided to walk out onto the water toward Him. But then things changed, the wind started blowing, and I wasn't in my comfort zone anymore. I started sinking. The Lord asked me, sitting in Teresa's apartment, wherefore didst thou doubt? I realized I have a long way to go with continuing to exercise faith. Once we get to a certain level, we don't get to stay there for very long before we are tried again and we have to prove our faith to ourselves and to God. We can do it every time, but that doesn't mean that it's easy.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon last Wednesday at the transfer meeting. I read Moroni 10 with Sister Balmforth right before she left. It was a really cool experience reading it that quickly and focusing on how often the Savior is mentioned throughout its pages. That book is so true and so inspired. I am so grateful that I get to read it every day and share its message of hope and salvation with people who are looking and prepared.
Speaking of last Wednesday, that was a hard transfer meeting. I hate transfers. They just make everyone sad and stressed and especially sending friends home just tears your little heart out. It was a really good meeting though and I was really grateful for it. Watching Balmforth leave was pretty tough. I think I hugged her a billion times and President had to come track her down and practically drag her out to the car. She is home and happy now though and that's good. Back to the grind for me.

So I have a new companion this transfer. She is from Pittsburgh and she's been on her mission a year. So far, things are going good. It's stressful taking over an area, I didn't have much time to learn it, but the Lord has blessed me (i.e. my GPS finally decided to start working when I was in a pickle) and things are going to be great.

We had 2 baptisms on Saturday, these two kids that we've been teaching forever. It was so great, the little girl, Leann, is so cute and so close to my heart. I helped her pick out what suit to wear for her baptism and she decided she wanted to wear a dress. Adorbs. I'll try and send some pictures soon.

A guy in our ward gave a really great talk yeterday on gifts he brought home from his mission. He talked about how much it has blessed his life and the effect that it can have on anyone who wants to serve. It was a great little pump up for me.

Hmm...trying to think of what else....not much. Moses 6:34 has had a lot of meaning for me this week. Enoch is freaked out cause he's the prophet and the Lord comforts him and says, "Walk with me." Remember to walk with the Lord. He will guide you every time, He will never lead you astray, and He will be there when you stumble and fall to pick you up.

We are going to the temple this week, on Thursday. I am so excited!!!! It's been so long. I can't wait to go. I'll let you know how it is next week.

Love you all so much!! Sorry I suck at letters. Talk to you soon!!



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