Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

It's ma mama's birthday on Wednesday. Just so ya know. She's turning 26. I know, I know. Doesn't look a day over 20. Surprise!!!
Oh man, we had some cool miracles this week. First off, we got to go to the temple on Thursday. That was such an amazing day. I was so grateful we got to go. There is so much peace and power that comes from the temple, and I know that I needed it for this week. It's such a blessing to be able to go there, to seek answers, to feel the Spirit, and to be in all white. There is nothing like it.
We had the coolest miracle ever on Friday. This is one of those that you hear about in the Ensign or at conference, but it seems like it never actually happens to real people. Well, they do, cause it happened. To me and my companion. On Friday.
So we decided, in order to save gas and miles, to walk to an appointment, but we were a little early so we stopped on the way to check the phone, bask in the sunshine, etc. when this African lady walks past us and tells us that she loves the way we are dressed. Then she saw Sis. Eichenmiller's nametag. She stopped and put her finger on it and said, "Latter-day Saints. I used to work with them in my country, in Africa. Do they still make that meat out of tofu?" Turns out she used to help them with humanitarian stuff while she was living in Kenya, making tofu patties and stuff for people to eat there. She said she wasn't in need there, she was just helping. Then she came to the states, to Washington. She had nowhere to live and was living on the streets, including during that crazy winter storm that came through here. She was in a huge hurry though on her way to the bus, which she couldn't miss, so we power-walked with her to her bus stop. I pulled a Book of Mormon out of my backpack and quickly wrote our names, phone number, and the address to the church in the front and gave it to her. She grabbed it and said, "You are Mormons?!?!" She was so excited. She wanted to know who we were and what we were doing, so we told her we are missionaries and we teach people about Jesus Christ. She got super choked up and was so happy and kept saying how amazing it was that she met us. She asked if she could read the book, and we obliged. She said she would call us later that night. Right before she crossed the street to get on the bus, she grabbed us both and hugged us and kissed us on the cheek and said, "Thank you so much! God has blessed me so much to meet you two today, my beautiful daughters. I love you!"
We got a call from her that night. She told us that she read the book her whole bus ride home and that she couldn't sleep until she knew more about it. She wants so bad to know everything about the book. We told her to keep reading it and to pray about it. We haven't been able to meet with her because she keeps getting called into work, but she calls us every day and tells us how much she loves the book and loves us. She said she is praying about it, and that every time she does, she goes and reads the book more. She can't stop reading it. Every time she has a spare minute she is reading the book. She thinks that is her answer from God, that it must be true. I think so too. We are so excited about Jane and we can't wait to teach her. This gospel is so amazing, because it is what allows things like that to happen.
Looking forward to a lot of great things this week. And I am trying so so hard to get caught up on letters. I really appreciate all of the mail I have gotten. You guys are the best. LOVE YOU!!!

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