Monday, May 13, 2013

mum mum mummy mummy mom mom mom lois lois lois mama mama mama

happy mothers day to all you mothers out there.
interesting quote/paraphrase from sacrament meeting yesterday:
mother is the essence of who we are as women, of our divine nature and potential.
no, im not baby hungry or anything.
i just thought it was cool that the word mother doesnt just refer to having children.
got to talk to the fam yesterday.
and for the first and only time on my mission i got to talk to the one and only
a member here set up a conference call and we all worked out a time so we could all be on.
he sounds old.
i hope he's ok knowing that im going home soon.
i think that would be weird for me if i knew my sibling who left after me was going home a few months before me.
so i mostly just tried to boost his spirits.
hopefully it worked.
not a ton of exciting things have happened here.
unless you count me accidentally hitting a cat with the car.
it came out of nowhere.
i swear i didnt do it on purpose.
i dont know what happened to it, but i prayed that God would either take it quickly or miraculously heal it and i know God answers prayers, so i believe that the cat is where it needs to be.
saturday was the 113th annual sequim irrigation festival parade.
i have been hearing about it since january 29th.
let me tell you, totally worth the wait...........
i got a sunburn from being out there all day.
and it turns out that we actually know a lot of people in sequim.
such is the life of a sequim missionary.
and it is so beautiful out here.
whenever i feel down or emtional or whatever [i never in my wildest dreams as a greenie would have ever thought that this would ever come out of my mouth] i go tracting and its all better.
its like harry potter.
or the Spirit. that too.
welp, hope errbody has a great week.
much love.

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