Monday, May 6, 2013


Ok, so I tend to be a little.........doubtful? when I read the scriptures sometimes.
I'll elaborate.
When I read stories that I've heard a million times before and that I've heard other people talk about a million times before I have this tendency to zone out and think, "Ok, I've learned everything there is to learn about that."
This morning I was reading in Alma ch. 17.
This is the story of Ammon.
I can't even tell you how many times I have heard someone talk about this story as it relates to missionaries.
So as usual I was ready to just skim through it and pat myself on the back for all the pretty colors I outlined the story with.
Oh wait, I didn't have that many.
I just assumed I knew all about it and that was good enough.
How stupid of me.
As I was reading I noticed something new about it:
Ammon is a type and a shadow of the Savior.
When he came to the kingdom he could have had anything the king offerred, but he wanted to be a servant.
He went and took care of the sheep.
When the sheep were scattered and lost he went and found them.
He knew that he could show by his example the power of God and the goodness of the gospel.
When the enemies returned to scatter the sheep again, he left the rest of the servants with the flock and went and took them on, by himself.
He relied totally on his Father in heaven.
He led to flocks to the waters to drink and live.
After taking the flock back to the king, he went and did all the other things the king asked him to do.
He remember and obeyed all the commands he was given.
I was humbled this morning.
There is always something we can learn from the scriptures.
This whole going home soon thing is getting pretty real.
We went to the temple as a mission this week.
That's always a treat.
Except that it was kind of a sad experience for me.
Especially realizing how soon it would be before I was back there, just a few days before heading home.
Then I got my trunky papers, aka flight information and instructions for my final report.
It's gonna be a good one.
Work hard, always.
Do the things you are asked to do.
Obedience is a lot easier once you decide to stop kicking against it and just do it.
It doesn't make life easier, but it makes it easier to make choices.
If that makes any sense.
Good miracles this week, lots of little ones.
Ciara finally got to come to church.
She talked to her sister and her sister let her come because church is always a good thing, at least a good step in the right direction.
We're praying/begging for miracles.
It all depends on our faith.
I believe.
And according to Elder Holland, to believe is enough.
Much love.

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