Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Acts Are A Little Soggy

Ready for this? It SNOWED here! Like, a ton. So, long story short, Sis. Balmforth and I are allowed to leave our apartment if our third companion is not ready to go. So it snowed a bunch and on Thursday we weren't allowed to drive anywhere and they told us to reschedule appointments so we went over to the Finnegans and watched church movies and stuff. I was going crazy. I hated staying in there all day. It was so small and there was nothing to do. The next day we were told be careful but go out and work. So we went to an appt at 10:30 and it was AWESOME, no really the Spirit was so strong and I loved being there and teaching it, but trying to leave the appt was a different matter. The hill that we had to drive down hadn't been plowed so we couldn't get back up. We parked it at the member's house (it was a less active we were teaching) and hiked up the hill where the elders came and picked us up and drove us back. So we get back to the apt and, again, long story short, we end up leaving our companion home because she wasn't ready to go. So we walked everywhere to go see people in super slushy snow and rain and it was so fun. I was so happy. I fully realize I sound like an idiot saying that, but I was! We trudged everywhere and got soaked head to foot and all of our stuff got soaked cause our backpacks weren't waterproofed so everything in there got soaked too. I pulled out my scriptures and the book of Acts (along with a lot of other ones) were pretty soaked. SOAKED!! I don't think I said that word enough so I threw it in again. They're all good now. I was so happy though because I finally felt like a real missionary cause my scriptures were showing it. I don't know, it was cool.

I had a way awesome week as far as teaching and stuff goes. I taught Sonia, our investigator on base, last Tuesday all by myself on a split and it went so well!! Sister Finnegan said that it was the most she has seen her open up and see her so into the lesson. All we talked about was faith, but the cool part was that I hadn't planned on teaching that at all, it just went that direction based on her questions. We talked for a long time about it though and a bunch of different scriptures and it was so cool because half the time I didn't know what I was saying but she said she would be at church on Sunday and that she would read more from the Book of Mormon with her family and they would talk about it. And.....she came to church!! It was so great. I was so stoked the whole time and I didn't know that I could be so excited about something like that, but I was :) After the lesson on Tuesday when I told Sis. Balmforth how it went she couldn't stop smiling and saying, "I am such a proud mom right now." Total spiritual high.

And, the other night I placed my first Book of Mormon on a doorstep! We were talking to this lady about her religious background and stuff and how she studies at home mostly with her dad and I suddenly became very aware of the Book of Mormon I had in my hand and I knew I had to give it to her. So I did. We walked away and Sis. Balmforth just said, "That was totally Spirit-prompted, huh?" It was so COOL. Man, I sound like such a dork but missionary work is so exciting!! And then last night we were talking to this lady on her porch and we gave her a Book of Mormon too, and she was a witch. No really, a legitimate witch. Like a wicken witch looking for a coven and everything. But she's really open about religion and stuff so we'll probably see her again.

I felt like a lot of really great things happened to me this week, and I was so grateful for it. When you work hard and do everything you can, the Lord will bless you. It's amazing :)

I read a super cool scripture this week about life and death and stuff. It's 2 Nephi 10:25 and it talks about how death (physical) is overcome by the power of the resurrection and everlasting death (spiritual, separation from God) is overcome by the power of the Atonement. So true! I love reading the Book of Mormon because you can definitely see that the plain and simple truths of the gospel are there.

Keep praying for the missionaries, we all need it. Love you all!! Talk to you next week :)


Sister Chronister

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