Monday, January 30, 2012

And, I'm Calling it Sara

I hate role playing. There. I said it. We all have our weaknesses and that one is mine. Whatever. Well, that and SIs. Balmforth told me this morning that my only flaw is that I don't like country music. Crazy person. So we're sitting there trying to study/role play and Sis. Balmforth gets this huge knot in her back and we're still going back on forth like, "You're making me laugh!" "Focus, man!" "Stop making faces!" "I hate doing this!" etc. etc. and she goes, "See, I just got a new knot in my back." I asked if she was blaming me for it. "Yeah. And I'm naming it Sara." Well, so much for comp study that morning.

So we're back down to just the two of us again. The tri-panionship was just a temporary 1 week adventure (whew) and now we are getting back into the swing of things. I know we only had 3 of us for 1 week but it was still kind of weird adjusting back to only 2 of us. Mission life. Speeds right by you. It was good getting back to it though. I won't lie, this week was kinda weird. We had a lot of appointments set up and a bunch of them fell through so we had some great lessons planned and we didn't even get to teach them.

We did get 2 new investigators this week, Paul and Allison. They are two kids of a recent convert in the ward and they came to church last Sunday so we stopped by to visit them and they said they would like learning more. Boom bam investigator. I think the gospel is really going to help both of them, they've had some pretty crappy stuff happen to them in their lives but they are still trying to be good people and do the right thing. One of them said they were having problems with depression but didn't want to go to a doctor or go on any medication, and in my head I was thinking, the only other thing that can help something like that is Jesus Christ. That's what the Atonement is for> Alma 7 talks about how he suffers pains and afflictions and temptations so He may know how to succor (i.e. help) His people according to their infirmities. How cool is that? Christ went through everything just so He could know how we feel and how He can help us. Isn't that the problem most people have when they struggle? It's that no one understands, but there is someone who always does. It's so amazing. I posed the question one morning of whether or not the Atonement could have been complete without having to suffer pains and afflictions and things like that. I liked the answer I got, He needed the one to complete the other. The two parts of the Atonement that we use, to repent and to heal, work hand in hand. I think that is so amazing and I am so grateful that it is something that is available to anyone. We just have to ask for it.

Our investigator that came to church last week didn't come this week and we didn't get to meet with them last week. Kind of a bummer, but it was because her 10 year old had a band concert they forgot about but they invited us to go and it was good, she really appreciated us going. I love Hot Cross Buns, let me tell you.

Hmmmmm not much else happened this week. I got a little sick, my stomach was acting up, but I'm feeling much better now. I got some medicine and my companion made me sleep an extra hour one morning and it helped a lot so I'm back to normal finally and I just want to get out there and work and help people be happy. Thanks for the letters n such. Read your scriptures, go to church, say your prayers and I promise you'll be happy. The end.


Sister Chronister

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