Monday, February 6, 2012 would you maybe want to sort of possibly get Jesus?

GUESS WHAT?? WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR ON DATE!!! And the title of this email is about how I sounded trying to extend the commitment. I have to start at the beginning of that awesome day though. It was Saturday. We had a church tour with this girl on base named Sara, or so we thought, and her husband. They were running a little late because they forgot, but they get there and we start talking to them. We thought Sara, the wife, was a member and her husband was not. So we're checking names and we're all, "You're name is Sara, right?" And she's all, "No, it's Maria." We're just thinking ok, maybe she goes by a middle name or something. Then we're talking about the gospel and the basic principles of it and we go, "You remember these. You're a member aren't you Maria?" "No, I'm not." WHAT?!? So, side note, proselyting is illegal on a military base. We're not supposed to wear our nametags when we go on and we can only go to homes that are members or investigators. No knocking on random doors. Anyways, so we go through this hectic church tour and at the end, I was supposed to try and commit them to baptism and I TOTALLY blanked so my wonderful companion stepped in and saved the day and they both said they would be baptized. They wouldn't commit to a date but they were all for it if it's right for them. It is and they will be.

So then we have a church tour later that afternoon with Allison. We have had a few lessons with this investigator and had a church tour with her on Saturday and we decided before that we were going to put her on date because she is totally waiting for a change in her life. What better change than Jesus, right? So we're standing there talking about when Jesus was baptized and this time, I'm thinking, "Ok, you got this man, don't blank or chicken out or anything, just commit her. You know she'll say yes." This is how it comes out: "Would you maybe want to get baptized and follow Jesus?" Terrible! BUT it was a good effort and she said yes! She said she would get baptized on the 19th so now we get to plan a baptism. WOOOOOO!! And, we had Stake Conference this weekend. We're only allowed to go to the general session on Sunday, but if we have an investigator come with us, we could go to the adult session on Saturday night. So, Allison came with us and we got to hear some pretty awesome talks and see President and Sister Weaver. They are so awesome. We were talking to Sister Weaver and she said she sees us and wants to represent us so well. Then she looks at us and wants to cry. Not really sure what that meant, but we're just going to take it as a good thing and not that we looked super tired or anything.

That was such a cool day. We have been working super hard for 9 weeks and we finally got to see some pretty big miracles happen on Saturday. We were so dang happy, and I was pretty thrilled that I extended my first ever commitment to baptism and they said yes. Awesome high.

We also have this kind of investigator who was found by the Elders but he wants to come to a singles ward with his member friend so if they come to our ward, then we get to teach him. He came to the activity night last week and we all played volleyball and he seemed to really like it so we think he's headed our way. His name is Zebediah. I totally thought he was Mormon. Sis. Balmforth had to tell me afterward that he wasn't. I keep trying to come up with good nicknames for him (he doesn't know this, I just think Zebediah is.....a unique name) and so far I have Z man, Z money, Diah, and Zeb.

That was definitely the more exciting things that happened this last week. I love it here in Silverdale. The people are so awesome and so easy to love here. I love working with the Finnegans, they help us so much and are so dedicated to the work. I love the wards that we are over and that I get to be over a family ward and a YSA ward. We all just love it. It's all just so dang awesome. I probably just jinxed myself and I'll get transferred now, but it has to happen eventually. Yesterday was my 2 month mark in Washington, by the way. That seems pretty crazy to me. Some days it feels like I've been here forever, and others it feels like it's flown by.

I just wanted to share something interesting that I heard in Stake Conference yesterday. There is a reason that the first principle we teach is God is our loving Heavenly Father. It is the whole purpose for the plan, the gospel, the Atonement--We are God's children and He needed a way for us to become like Him. That's why we're here and that's why we're out sharing that message with people. There is something better and we can have it. It makes us happy and brings us peace. There is nothing greater that the world can offer us.

So, just remember, God loves you! :) Haha. Love you!! Have a great week.


Sister Chronister

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