Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hoooooooo My Gosh

So that is how my companion says "oh my gosh." It's funny. Hmmmmmmdiddly. What happened this week.....I have to write everything down in my planner so I don't forget. This week we attempted a "lifestyle change" (aka a diet) just so we could eat healthier, etc. That lasted about a day. But it was funny cause Sis. Balmforth kept eating mints so she wouldn't eat anymore candy and kept asking me, "Want a mint?" I think I ate about 10 in one day. At least my breath was all minty fresh. I love my companion. She keeps me sane, which is nice, mostly by making me laugh and training by example. Best mom ever.

So last week we were visiting this less-active's house and we offered to do some service for them. Here's the thing though. They aren't very good at housework and the husband has some big medical problems so he can't leave his bed. Also, they have a rooster that roams their driveway and has it in for us. It follows us and we have to run to the door before it can get close to us. Roosters can be mean, in case you didn't know. So they need help doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom. We go back a few days later to help and I get the kitchen, Sis. Balmforth gets the bathroom. I'll keep it short, but it was not a pleasant experience. Not one that I ever would like to repeat. So I'm scrubbing dishes and I look in the window sill......and there's chicken feet sitting there. Real chicken feet. Why they are there, I don't know, but it was weird. I thought of the rooster outside and I kinda felt bad for him for a minute.

We had a really cool church tour this week with Maggie and her husband Jerry. Maggie has run into missionaries everywhere she has been her whole life and she knows pretty much everything. She was being taught a few months ago but wasn't progressing so they dropped her. When the snowstorm came here they called us because they needed some help getting groceries so we started talking with them again. Then Maggie had her 6th baby by C section, and it scared her. When the Finnegans went to go see her in the hospital she asked how her family could be sealed. WAHOOO!! The only problem is they are moving to eastern Washington.....today. So we took them on a church tour and talked about baptism and things and they're all for it. They just need to be taught and keep commitments and they'll be good to go. It was just cool to see because you never know what seeds you are planting.

On Saturday morning at 8:30 we got a call that they needed our help at a child of record baptism at 11:00 that morning. They needed us to take care of the intermission part after the kids get baptized and are changing out of their wet clothes. The mom was supposed to have called us earlier, but that didn't happen. Not surprised. Anyways, it went really well and they appreciated it. We just showed a video of Christ that was really cool. I like going to baptisms. It reminds me of mine and how I want to help people get there to have their own.

What else has been going on......tomorrow, Valentine's Day is the Finnegan's 45th wedding anniversary! They are so awesome, and such a great example of Christlike people who are devoted to the Savior, to each other, and to the work. Sis. Balmforth and I die every time we see them holding hands in Sacrament meeting.

I think that's about all I have for this week. We talked about prayer a lot during comp study today. It't such a cool thing we can do and Heavenly Father is just waiting to help us, but He won't do anything until we ask. Don't be afraid to ask for things. He knows we can't do this alone and He is more than willing to fill in the gaps when we fall short. He's there, just ask. You'll feel it. Love you guys lots. Don't suck. [<----Thank you, Joe.]


Sister Chronister

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