Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glaciers n railroad tunnels n such

Ah man, best P day ever yesterday.
No offense, but I love P days where we can't email.
More time to go play.
We drove out to Lake Crsecent.
It's about half-way between Port Angeles and Forks.
Both of Twilight fame.
Didn't make it to Forks this time.
But I did see the Italian restaurant and the bookstore that Bella goes to in PA.
The lake is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life.
Glacier water.
It's literally blue.
We climbed through some railroad tunnels.
I felt like Derrick.
Wilderness Explorer.
Impressive pop culture/Disney movie reference, eh?
Sol Duc Falls is legit too.
Had to cross some snowy paths to get there.
Worth it.
The view from our balcony at home is of Canada.
No lie.
Victoria is just across the water.
At night we can see the lights in the clouds.
I keep hoping that dog experiences will get better for Crosby.
She even tried putting herself out there, petting a dog on a doorstep.
Too bad he tried to bite her hand and by the grace of the angels standing by only managed to pull her glove off.
That's Washington for ya.
We have a kid on date.
He is getting baptized in March.
Things are really starting to pick up here.
We're busy and are finding lots of things to do.
Dinners are a challenge.
Not becuase we don't get them.
Because if I look at my companion at any point during the meal I will lose it in hysterical laughter.
Our ward is amazing.
We helped a recent convert move this morning.
She got kicked out of her house and has been living in a hotel for about a week.
She got her new apartment today.
She has a lot of disabilities and needs a lot of help.
A sign hung on the fridge when we walked in.
"Welcome home, Loretta! Heavenly Father has richly blessed you!"
The next few hours consisted of different ward members flocking in and out bringing donated things for her home.
Not a house.
A home.
My ice cold heart melted a little.
Good Grinch moment.
As of this last Sunday I have 100 days left on my mission.
100 Days of WA-TAC.
A picture a day.
I'm not counting down.
Counting down implies some amount of desire to reach the end.
I want to document ever moment I can.
I love this home.
Much love.

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