Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tracting Travails

(rec'd February 25th, 2013)

People in Sequim are funny.
Sometimes a little scary.
But mostly funny.
We got "threatened" with guns a few times this week.
Once by a guy who, I think, has his gun stuck up his bum.
People don't understand the way we tract.
We just pick a street and go.
They think we come specifically to them.
I guess the Spirit brings us to them.
The other guy was really old.
And really nice.
He had this gun leaned up against the wall.
He asked his wife where it came from.
She didn't know.
Someone gave it to him.
He picked it up and was pointing it at the ground.
His wife told him not to point it at us.
He aimed at the ground and, shaking it, said,
"I'm gonna make a Catholic outta you!"
He wasn't interested in being Mormon.
The most fascinating thing to Crosby on her mission?
There are these deer that are always hanging out by our house.
Every time she sees them she freaks out, squeels "BAMBI!!" and runs and grabs her camera.
Being the kind and loving mother that I am, I even stop the car for her so she can look.
Teaching was pretty slow this week.
No one was available.
That happens I guess.
I'm excited for this week though.
A young man in our ward gave his farewell talk yesterday.
He reports to the MTC on Wednesday.
I'm so excited for him.
Mostly because he has no idea what is actually coming.
I think if someone tried to tell me what my mission would be like I wouldn't believe them.
Either that or I wouldn't understand.
The Julian family (from Tacoma) had a huge miracle.
Anthony (the dad) baptized his two sons, Ryan and Conrad.
I wasn't able to go, but I heard it was a great event.
On an even better note, I heard this week that the Tangaro family is going to the temple to be sealed next month.
I didn't think that I would be able to see a family that I helped teach and baptize go to the temple.
God is sneaky and he worked it into the plan for me.
Things up here are easy going.
Can't complain much.
The ward loves us.
We love them.
No less than 5 people came and reminded us about when we are going to their house for dinner sometime in the next month.
The people here are unbelievably good.
They just want to be that way.
That is a true disciple of Jesus Christ.
I hope I can learn from them and be more like them.
Read the Book of Mormon.
It's true.
And good.
Much love.

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