Monday, March 18, 2013

Trunky reminds me of Harry Potter

Cause you know....they have trunks to carry their stuff around.
10 points for Gryffindor.....
This week was pretty interesting.
There's not a whole lot that happens in Sequim, Washington.
Everything about it is slow.
Happy but slow.
We took mint chocolate chip ice cream over to this part-member family's house.
Their son just got baptized last week.
The other son is on the fence.
His favorite ice cream, which he talks about all the time, is mint chocolate chip.
Bribery? Maybe.
Do it anyways? Yeah.
We had an analogy for it. I just can't remember right now.
Something along the lines of the tree of life, how it's delicious. BUT if you don't make the choice to go and partake you can't actually have that in your life.
I was motivated by a tip in my journal.
Make your lessons interesting. If you're bored teaching, they're definitely bored listening.
Also, studying and praying are very important.
Never underestimate the power of either one.
We gotta run.
Barracks are calling.
Yeaaaahhhh P day.

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