Monday, April 15, 2013

At least it will be a Happy Death!!

Well folks, it's that time. It happens to every missionary.
Final transfer call.
Final transfer.
I am staying in Happy Valley and will be training a new missionary.
More Chronic posterity.
Crosby is off to Tacoma (which, if anyone cares, has now expanded so much with the massive influx of missionaries that they have split it into 2 zones) to the Highland Hills ward where she will be the first set of sisters there in a couple years and will be serving with 2 other sets of elders. You read that correctly: 6 missionaries in 1 ward.
That's my kid.
Chronic and the Cheerleader. Gotta say bye to it tomorrow. It's been fun.
There are some really crazy things happening with missions, specifically this one. Actually, being out here in China I don't hear much of what's going on in the rest of the mission. Ha, President called us this week. He asked how I would feel about training again my last transfer. Some missionaries are ok with it, some are not. I was ok with it. Anyways, he told Crosby he had this sinking feeling that she would be closer to Tacoma this week. That didn't give us much of a hint though since pretty everything is closer to Tacoma than we are.
I've had this cool epiphany this week about God.
In Revelation, John is writing about the things that he is supposed to tell these 7 churches. Each one is a specific message to them from the Lord, and for each one He gives a different description of Himself (i.e. he who holds the seven stars, he who is the first and the last, that which was dead and is alive). What is fascinating to me is that just because the Lord gives a different description doesn't make Him any less God. We all have different experiences and different perceptions of God. Why? Because we are different. One day we will have the whole picture, but for now we get little bits at a time. It just all matters on where we are at spiritually. I think of the verses where the Lord is talking about the destruction that comes because the people are wicked and He says that in all of these things, His hand is stretched out still. There are two ways to look at that. Either His hand is stretched out to bring punishment to those who refuse to repent or to offer a hand to those who are willing to turn and reach out for Him. His hand is stretched out still. This carries into the tree of life as well, just to continue that idea from last week. I don't know what the tree of life looks like. I like lots of trees, how could I pick just one that would be THE tree of life? I don't have to. The tree itself is huge and has a lot of different sides and parts. One part might be an evergreen, another might be a cactus (technically not a tree, but just go with it) and another might be one of those that you see in the beginning of the Lord of the Rings movie where Frodo is sitting in the branches reading a book. It's still the tree of life. The requirements to get there are still the same. But we all have different perceptions of paradise. That's cool.
The work is chugging along. I love teaching and I love feeling the Spirit.
I'm going all out, guns blazing these last few weeks.
There's no other time to do it.
Much love.

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